Communication Skills for Physiotherapists,
Edition 1
By Vincent Kortleve

Publication Date: 12 Jul 2021

Essential guide to effective communication for better physiotherapy outcomes

This book will help physiotherapists at every stage of their career to develop effective therapeutic communication skills and thereby enhance patient care.

Author Vincent Kortleve takes an evidence-based approach that will help practitioners incorporate effective communication skills and strategies into every consultation—from taking a medical history through to therapy and evaluation.

Learn how to excel in the four roles of communicative practice—the confidant, the coach, the detective, and the teacher—how to master shared decision-making; motivational interviewing; therapeutic pain education and health education; and how to cope when communication is difficult or breaks down.

Key Features

  • Simple and comprehensive model
  • Evidence-based
  • Proven communication approaches applied in the context of physiotherapy
  • Specific clinical examples
About the author
By Vincent Kortleve
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ISBN: 9780702083983
Page Count: 222
Retail Price : £29.99


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