Foundations for Health Promotion,
Edition 5
By Jane Wills, BA, MA, MSc, PGCE

Publication Date: 07 Apr 2022

This hugely popular textbook provides a broad-based and user-friendly introduction to health promotion and its use in practice.

Written by Professor Jane Wills, the book takes the reader through health promotion theory, strategy and methods, settings and implementation. It is clearly structured and accessibly written, with a discursive style that will appeal to readers of all levels and sufficient theoretical depth for undergraduates and postgraduates alike.

Foundations for Health Promotion is suitable for students and practitioners of nursing, medicine, dentistry, allied health and social work, who will learn the essentials of health promotion as a discipline and reflect on its potential for their own work.

Key Features

  • Packed with interactive exercises to consolidate learning
  • Focus on application of knowledge to practice
  • Self-reflection on practice in each chapter to encourage deeper engagement
  • Case studies and research examples provide evidence base for health promotion in different professions and areas of practice

New Features

  • New chapters on health protection, communicating health and healthy universities
  • New chapter on evaluating research and evidence - key components of workforce competencies
  • Thoroughly revised and updated throughout to reflect recent changes in health promotion theories, practice and policy
  • Accompanying videos narrated by Professor Wills give an overview of key topics
About the author
By Jane Wills, BA, MA, MSc, PGCE, Professor of Health Promotion, London South Bank University, London, UK
Table of Contents

Part 1: The theory of health promotion

  • Concepts of health
  • Influences on health
  • Measuring health
  • Defining health promotion
  • Models and approaches to health promotion
  • Ethical issues in health
  • The politics of health promotion

Part 2: Strategies and methods

  • Reorienting health services
  • Developing personal skills
  • Strengthening community action
  • Developing healthy public policy
  • Using media in health promotion
  • Health promotion and infection control

Part 3: Settings for health promotion

  • Health promotion in schools
  • Health promotion in universities
  • Health promotion in the workplace
  • Health promotion in neighbourhoods
  • Health promotion in health services
  • Health promotion in prisons

Part 4: Implementing health promotion

  • Assessing health needs
  • Planning health promotion interventions
  • Evaluation in health promotion
  • The importance of being research and evidence informed
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ISBN: 9780702085062
Page Count: 368
Retail Price : £33.99

Undergrad and postgrad nursing

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