Diving Medicine,
Edition 4
By Alfred A. Bove, MD, PhD and Jefferson C. Davis, MD

Publication Date: 30 Sep 2003
Diving Medicine has earned a worldwide reputation as the definitive source on diving safety and the management of diving-related health conditions. The new 4th Edition has been completely revised and updated while still retaining its practical clinical orientation. It covers basic diving physiology
  • the pathophysiology of decompression sickness
  • assessment of physical fitness for diving
  • diagnosis and treatment of diving-related disorders
  • and much more.
  • Key Features

    • Discusses special considerations for female, elderly, and pediatric divers
    • Covers diving-related problems in people with pre-existing medical conditions, such as pulmonary, cardiac, and neurologic disease
    • Includes information about marine toxicology

    New Features

  • New chapters on Kinetics of Inert Gas, Marine Poisoning and Intoxication, and Diabetes and Diving.
  • Completely revised chapters on Medical Evaluation for Sport Diving
  • Medical Evaluation for Commercial Diving
  • and Medical Evaluation for Military Diving.
  • The latest protocols for managing decompression accidents, drowning, and hypothermia.
  • About the author
    By Alfred A. Bove, MD, PhD, Chief, Section of Cardiology, Temple University Medical School, Philadelphia, PA and Jefferson C. Davis, MD, Hyperbaric Medicine P.A., San Antonio, TX
    Table of Contents
    1. A Short History of Diving Medicine
    2. Diving Physics
    3. Diving Equipment
    4. Kinetics of Inert Gas
    5. Breath Hold Diving
    6. Mixed Gas Diving
    7. Mechanisms and Risks of Decompression
    8. Pathophysiology of Decompression Sickness
    9. Barotrauma
    10. Treatment of Decompression Sickness and Arterial Gas Embolism
    11. Inert Gas Narcosis and HPNS
    12. Toxicity of Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide
    13. Hypothermia
    14. Near Drowning
    15. Marine Animal Injuries
    16. Marine Poisoning and Intoxication
    17. Human Performance Underwater
    18. Medical Problems in Diving Operations
    19. Women in Diving
    20. Diving in the Elderly and the Young
    21. Aseptic Necrosis of Bone
    22. Ear and Sinus Problems in Diving
    23. Neurologic Consequences of Diving
    24. Pulmonary Disorders and Diving
    25. Cardiovascular Disorders and Diving
    26. Diabetes and Diving
    27. Medical Evaluation for Sport Diving
    28. Medical Evaluation for Commercial Diving
    29. Medical Evaluation for Military Diving
    Appendix 1. Pressure Conversion Table
    Appendix 2. Medical Examination Forms
    Appendix 3. Diving Medicine Physician's Kit for Remote Locations
    Appendix 4. U.S. Navy Treatment Tables
    Book Reviews
    "An excellent reference for practitioners who may be called upon to evaluate prospective divers, to answer diving-related questions, or to provide appropriate therapy for diving mishaps."Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, review of previous edition
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    ISBN: 9780721694245
    Page Count: 656
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