Athletic Ability and the Anatomy of Motion,
Edition 3 Athletic Ability and the Anatomy of Motion
By Rolf Wirhed, Fil Lic

Publication Date: 10 May 2006
This book explains the anatomy function of different parts of the body and examines the types of movement important in sports activities. This book gives a detailed analysis of movement, general characteristics of bones, joints, and muscles, as well as guidelines for flexibility and strength training.It emphasizes important factors for maximizing performance and is a bridge between biomechanics and the practice of sport.

Key Features

  • The book's unique approach features a rigorous application of biomechanics to sport training.
  • Mechanics are related to the use of muscles in specific sports.
  • Coverage is both theoretical and practical, making the book useful both for academic study and as a training aid.
  • Highly illustrated format helps readers understand key concepts and important details.

New Features

  • Fully updated content provides the latest knowledge on the subject.
  • New illustrations and new, engaging text layout draw the reader in and bring important concepts to life.
  • Additional coverage has been added on several topics, including strength training.
About the author
By Rolf Wirhed, Fil Lic, Professor, University Lecturer in Biomechanics, Department of Physical Education and Health, Orebro, Sweden
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ISBN: 9780723433866
Page Count: 224
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