Knottenbelt and Pascoe's Color Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of the Horse,
Edition 2
By Siobhan Brid McAuliffe, MVB, DACVIM

Publication Date: 09 Dec 2013

A unique collection of photographic illustrations of the major equine disorders, providing both qualified practitioners and veterinary students with an invaluable guide to greater diagnostic accuracy, treatment options, and a wider understanding of the processes and signs of equine disorders. The systematic presentation of disorders along with the icon-based key points system of evaluation gives unparalleled ease of access and use. Conditions presented are gathered from around the world, making for a resource of universal application that is a major aid to the rapid visual recognition and interpretation of clinical signs that are vital elements of success in veterinary practice.

New Features

  • Many new conditions added
  • Over 300 new colour illustrations
  • Brand new design with icon-based key points boxes.
  • Systematic presentation of text with emphasis gives greater ease of access.
  • Treatment options and prognoses now included.
  • Two upcoming top experts brought in to build on the foundation of Derek Knottenbelt and Reg Pascoe’s milestone text.
About the author
By Siobhan Brid McAuliffe, MVB, DACVIM, Veterinary Division Head, Stables of King Abdullah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, Board Qualified for Diplomate status with American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
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ISBN: 9780723436607
Page Count: 544
Retail Price : £107.00

Veterinary surgeons, veterinary students

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