Functional Occlusion in Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics,
Edition 1
By Iven Klineberg and Steven Eckert, DDS, MS

Publication Date: 10 Oct 2015

Assess and manage occlusion problems with confidence! Functional Occlusion in Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics provides a full-color, comprehensive guide to occlusion, with coverage ranging from an explanation of biological principles to treatment planning and clinical procedures. An easy-to-understand approach advances your skills with the latest evidence-based clinical research, and reinforces knowledge with chapter synopses, key points boxes, and abundant references. To support the book’s content, a companion website includes three video clips: condyle movements within the glenoid fossa, relationship between condylar translation and rotation, and movement of the condyle–disc assembly recorded by MRI. Edited by internationally renowned prosthodontics experts Iven Klineberg and Steven Eckert, this reference will help you treat occlusion conditions and TMJ disorders safely and effectively.

Key Features

  • An easy-to-read, easy-access format presents the newest evidence-based clinical research on occlusion.
    • A companion website supports the book with three video clips: condyle movements within the glenoid fossa, relationship between condylar translation and rotation, and movement of the condyle–disc assembly recorded by MRI.
    • ~Nearly 300 full-color photographs and illustrations depict occlusal conditions, principles, and treatment.
    • A world-renowned team of expert contributors offers practical insights gained from years of clinical research and experience.
    • Summary tables, key points boxes, and helpful hints and tips make it easier to assess and manage occlusal issues and TMJ problems.
    About the author
    By Iven Klineberg, Professor, Westmead Centre of Oral Health, Australia; Steven Eckert, DDS, MS, Board Certified Prosthodontist, Director of Research, Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers, Minneapolis; Professor Emeritus, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester and Adjunct Professor, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    Table of Contents
    Preface and Introduction
    1. The biological basis of a functional occlusion: the neural framework
    2. Periodontal micro- and immuno-biology
    3. Occlusion and health  
    4. Occlusion and adaptation to change – neuroplasticity and its implications for cognition
    5. Jaw movement and its control  
    6. Anatomy and pathophysiology of the temporomandibular joint  
    7. Occlusal form and clinical specifics  
    8. Occlusal diagnostics for treatment planning  
    9. Articulators, transfer records and study casts
    10. Physiological considerations of oral implant function  
    11. Occlusion and principles of oral implant restoration  
    12. Implant rehabilitation and clinical management
    13. Temporomandibular joint disorders
    14. Jaw muscle disorders
    15. Occlusion and periodontal health
    16. Occlusion and orthodontics
    17. Occlusion and fixed prosthodontics
    18. Occlusion and removable prosthodontics
    19. Occlusion in maxillofacial prosthetics
    20. Occlusal splints and management of the occlusion
    21. Occlusal adjustment in occlusion management
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    ISBN: 9780723438090
    Page Count: 288
    Retail Price : £69.99

    Senior undergraduate and post-graduate dental students - particularly those taking specialist examinations in restorative dentistry & prosthodontics