New Edition
Oral Anatomy, Histology and Embryology International Edition,
Edition 5
By Barry K.B Berkovitz, BDS, MSc, PhD, FDS (Eng), G.R. Holland, BSc, BDS, PhD, CERT ENDO and Bernard J. Moxham, BSc, BDS, PhD, FHEA, FRSB, Hon FAS, FSAE

Publication Date: 01 Sep 2017

Now entering its 40th anniversary, the fifth edition of Oral Anatomy, Histology and Embryology has been thoroughly overhauled, updated and augmented to meet the needs of dental students worldwide. Now available with new pedagogic features and an enhanced illustration program, Oral Anatomy, Histology and Embryology 5th edition also comes with a free online program containing a wide selection of MCQs and additional learning exercises to allow readers to test and reinforce their knowledge.

Key Features

  • Written by dentists for dentists – authors who know exactly what students need for safe clinical practice!
  • Contains full coverage of topics such as tooth eruption, tooth support, the effects of aging on teeth and associated soft tissues, periodontal regeneration, and the use of isotope analysis
  • Includes sectional anatomy and functional anatomy (covering mastication, swallowing, speech, taste and olfaction, thermoreception)
  • Many chapters include Clinical Considerations which explore associated pathological findings as well as other topics of consideration such as the use of local anaesthesia, temporomandibular joint disorders and malocclusion
  • Explores bone structure and remodelling – including potential bone atrophy following tooth extraction, its relevance to orthodontic treatment and implantology, trauma and malignancy
  • Rich with over 1300 images including schematic artworks, radiological images, electron-micrographs, cadaveric and clinical photographs, all specially selected to make learning and recall as easy as possible

New Features

  • Contains a new photography collection and updated artwork program
  • Overviews at the start of each chapter help summarize the topic and put it into wider context
  • Learning Objectives at the end of chapters to help readers focus on essential knowledge requirements
  • Chapters covering functional anatomy, enamel, alveolar bone, the temporomandibular, salivary glands, amelogenesis and dentinogenesis have been substantially reworked
  • Tooth morphology photographs have been enlarged and new images included for pulp morphology
  • Now comes with a helpful online program containing a selection of MCQs and other online learning exercises which allow the reader to test and reinforce their knowledge!
About the author
By Barry K.B Berkovitz, BDS, MSc, PhD, FDS (Eng), Emeritus Reader, Anatomy and Human Sciences, Biomedical and Health Sciences, King's College, London, UK and Visiting Professor, Oman Dental College, Oman; G.R. Holland, BSc, BDS, PhD, CERT ENDO, Professor, Department of Cariology, Restorative Sciences and Endodontics, School of Dentistry and Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA and Bernard J. Moxham, BSc, BDS, PhD, FHEA, FRSB, Hon FAS, FSAE, Emeritus Professor of Anatomy, Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
Table of Contents

1. In vivo appearance of the oral cavity

2. Dento-osseous structures

3. Regional topography of the mouth and related areas

4. Vasculature and innervation of the mouth

5. Sectional anatomy of the oral cavity and related areas

6. Functional anatomy

7. Enamel

8. Investing organic layers on enamel surfaces

9. Dentine

10. Dental pulp

11. Cementum

12. Periodontal ligament

13. Alveolar bone

14. Oral mucosa

15. Temporomandibular joint

16. Salivary glands

17. Development of the face

18. Development of the palate

19. Development of the jaws

20. Development of the tongue and salivary glands

21. Early tooth development

22. Amelogenesis

23. Dentinogenesis

24. Development of the dental pulp

25. Development of the root and periodontal ligament

26. Development of the dentitions

27. Ageing and archaeological and dental anthropological applications of tooth structure

Book details
ISBN: 9780723438137
Page Count: 472
Illustrations : Approx. 1300 illustrations (900 in full color)
Retail Price : £32.99
0-323-01614-6, 978-0-323-01614-8, Nanci: Ten Cate's Oral Histology, Development, Structure, and Function, 6e, Jul-2003
0-323-03339-3, 978-0-323-03339-8, Avery & Chiego: Essentials of Oral Histology and Embryology, A Clinical Approach, 3e, Dec-2005

Undergraduate and postgraduate dental students, including candidates for the ORE and MJDF, and MFDS examinations