Dental Morphology,
Edition 1 An Illustrated Guide
By G. C. Van Beek, BDS(Brist)

Publication Date: 27 Jan 1983
Each tooth is clearly described, emphasizing the major diagnostic features. The drawings are the most outstanding features of this book. A line drawing faces each description, making text and illustration a two page unit. They are presented as a 'third angle projection' giving an accurate picture of all five aspects of the tooth.

A revised, well illustrated text with a useful glossary of specialized dental terms.
About the author
By G. C. Van Beek, BDS(Brist), Professor of Oral Biology, University of Bristol, UK
Table of Contents
CONCISE CONTENTS: The decidiuous dentition; The permanent dentition; Endodontic anatomy; Appendix
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ISBN: 9780723606666
Page Count: 144
Illustrations : 95 ills.
Retail Price : £28.99
Dental undergraduates, dental hygienists, DSA's