Using Evidence to Guide Nursing Practice,
Edition 2
Edited by Mary Courtney and Helen McCutcheon

Publication Date: 28 Oct 2009

Using Evidence to Guide Nursing Practice 2e is an invaluable ‘how-to’ guide for students and experienced nurses alike.  Emphasis is placed on how to develop an evidence-based culture in the workplace, support clinicians to make decisions using the best available evidence and translating this evidence into practice.  This new edition is divided into five concise sections which guide readers from an examination of evidence, to developing a workplace culture that supports Evidence-Based Practice.  It demonstrates how to locate and appraise evidence, how to evaluate practice and finally how to translate evidence into practice with a new applied case study included.

Key Features

  • includes two new chapters; ‘Locating and appraising the evidence’ and ‘ Evidence to inform nursing practice: An applied approach’
  • highlights Evidence-based Practice (EBP) initiatives and demonstrates how to develop an evidence-based culture in the workplace
  • includes Step-by-step guides to undertaking a systematic review, a clinical audit and a program evaluation
  • each chapter will have contributions from experienced academics and clinicians across Australia so as to ensure health industry relevance and academic rigour are addressed
About the author
Edited by Mary Courtney, Mary Courtney, RN, BAdmin (Accounting), MHP, PhD, FRCNA, AFACHSE, Acting Executive Dean and Professor of Nursing, Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland and Helen McCutcheon, Helen McCutcheon, RN, RM, BA, MPH, PhD, Professor and Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of South Australia, Adelaide, South Australia
Table of Contents

1. Evidence Based Nursing Practice by Mary Courtney, Claire Rickard, Joy Vickerstaff and Anthea Court

2. Types of evidence and how to use evidence to answer correct questions by Professor Adrian Esterman, Dr David Evans and Kate Deuter

3. Developing an Evidence-Based Culture by Sonya Osborne and Glenn Gardner

4. Developing Evidence-Based Guidelines by Sonya Osborne and Joan Webster

5. Locating the Evidence by Helen McCutcheon, David Gillham, Kate Deuter and Anna Holasek

6. Undertaking a Systematic Review by Alan Pearson and Dr John Field

7. Undertaking a Clinical Audit by Sally Borbasi, Debra Jackson and Craig Lockwood

8. Undertaking a Program Evaluation by Elizabeth Manias

9. Evidence to inform nursing practice: An applied approach by Colleen Smith, Kate Andre, Kelly Lewis and Barbara Parker

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ISBN: 9780729539500
Page Count: 240
Retail Price : £49.99