Learning and Teaching in Clinical Contexts,
Edition 1 A Practical Guide
By Clare Delany, PhD, MHlthMedLaw, MPhysio, BAppSci (Physio) and Elizabeth Molloy, PhD, BPhysio (Hons), FANZAHPE

Publication Date: 13 Jul 2018

Featuring the perspectives of more than 40 leading international researchers, theorists and practitioners in clinical education, Learning and Teaching in Clinical Contexts: A Practical Guide provides a bridge between the theoretical aspects of clinical education and the delivery of practical teaching strategies.

Written by Clare Delany and Elizabeth Molloy, each chapter weaves together education theory, education strategies and illustrative learning and teaching case scenarios drawn from multidisciplinary clinical contexts. The text supports clinicians and educators responsible for designing and delivering health professional education in clinical workplaces and clinicians undertaking continuing education in workplace teaching.

The book is divided into four sections, each addressing a key aspect of the learner and educator experience.

Section 1 considers the learner’s needs as they make key transitions from classroom to workplace, or recent graduate to competent clinician
Section 2 focuses on the influence of workplace contexts and how they can be used as positive catalysts to enhance learning
Section 3 highlights the role of workplace assessments as embedded processes to positively influence learning
Section 4 provides an overview of the changing roles of the clinical educator and processes and models of professional development to build educational expertise

Key Features

  • Demonstrates the integrated nature of three key threads within the field of clinical education: theory, method and context
  • Highlights theoretical frameworks: cognitive, psychological, sociocultural, experiential and ethical traditions and how they inform teaching decisions
  • Incorporates case studies throughout to provide a context to learning and teaching in clinical education
  • Includes practical tips from expert practitioners across different topics
  • Includes an eBook with print purchase on evolve
About the author
By Clare Delany, PhD, MHlthMedLaw, MPhysio, BAppSci (Physio), Associate Professor, Department of Medical Education, The University of Melbourne, and Clinical Ethicist, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and Elizabeth Molloy, PhD, BPhysio (Hons), FANZAHPE, Professor of Work Integrated Learning, Department of Medical Education, Melbourne Medical School, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Table of Contents

Section 1 Preparing learners for workplace learning
1 Becoming a clinical educator
2 Understanding transitions in health professional learning
3 Cultivating critical thinkers
4 Cultivating resilient learners
5 Ethics education in clinical learning contexts
6 Educating for conflict resolution

Section 2 Education approaches within clinical learning contexts
7 The influence of workplace context on learning and teaching
8 Professionalism, identities and embodiment: supporting the internalisation of professionalism through addressing the hidden curriculum
9 Scaffolding for progressive independence in workplace contexts
10 Coaching clinical learners
11 Translating expert practice for clinical learning
12 Peer learning in clinical placements
13 Educating for professional practice through simulation
14 Interprofessional learning opportunities for pre-registration students in clinical workplaces
15 Pedagogically-rich activities in hospital work: Handovers, ward rounds and team meetings
16 Learning in community-based contexts
17 Identifying and working with underperformance

Section 3 Assessment for learning in the workplace
18 Workplace-based assessment
19 Ensuring assessment builds capacity for future clinical practice: sustainable assessment in action has a positive influence on longer term learning: sustainable assessment in action
20 Assessment through entrustable professional activities 
21 Reworking feedback to build better work

Section 4 Leadership and faculty development in health professions education
22 Faculty development: becoming a ‘clinician as educator’
23 Leadership in health professions education: what does it mean?
24 Disruptive innovation in health professions education: How might this model guide change?
25 Translating educational research into educational practice
26 Improving clinical education: attending to the processes of designing and becoming

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ISBN: 9780729542722
Page Count: 456
Retail Price : £87.99
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