Navigating the Maze of Research,
Edition 5 Enhancing Nursing and Midwifery Practice
Edited by Debra Jackson, RN PhD SFHEA FACN

Publication Date: 28 Jun 2019


"I had always thought that publishing an article was the end of research, but now I realise how pivotal knowledge translation is to improving healthcare."

Now in its fifth edition, Navigating the Maze of Research provides up-to-date, introductory thinking behind research and research processes with clear examples of application to clinical practice.

The text effectively explains research by breaking down processes into three separate and easy-to-understand sections. The fifth edition contextualises the research process by embedding case studies and quotes throughout, and includes student challenges for practice and revision.

Key Features

  • An emphasis on evidence-based practice helps you learn to evaluate and apply contemporary research to practice
  • Highlights how the connection between research, critical evaluation of findings and the use of these findings is crucial to inform and improve practice
  • A focus on point-of-care considerations to assist you to strengthen the link between research and practice
  • Contemporary insights into social media help you understand its role in the research process
  • Nursing and midwifery student case studies illustrate key points and research concepts in each chapter

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Instructor Resources

  • Teaching Tips
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  • Test Bank

Student and Instructor Resources

  • Additional student challenges
  • Learning activities
  • Glossary
  • Weblinks
  • Resource kits
  • Self-assessment quiz

New Features

  • Increased focus on Evidence-based Practice, integrating PICOT framework where appropriate
  • Additional focus on point of care considerations linking research to practice

• 2 NEW chapters:

    • Chapter 3: Conducting and writing a literature review
    • Chapter 4: The research and social media relationship

• New editor, Leah East

• An eBook included in all print purchases

About the author
Edited by Debra Jackson, RN PhD SFHEA FACN, Professor of Nursing, Susan Wakil School of Nursing, University of Sydney, NSW and Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Advanced Nursing, Wiley Online Library
Table of Contents

Section 1 – Laying the foundations: finding it fast and reading it well
1. Introduction to nursing and midwifery research
2. Using library resources, What, when and how?
3. Conducting and writing a literature review
4. The research and  social media relationship

Section 2 – Building on foundations: talking the talk
5. Navigating nursing and midwifery research ethics
6. Quantitative Research
7. Qualitative research
8. Mixed methods research
9. Indigenous insights into nursing and midwifery research

Section 3 – Consolidating: walking the walk
10. Reading and appraising research
11. Knowledge translation of research findings: challenges and strategies
12. Bringing it all together: an application of the research process

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Page Count: 326
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