Rehabilitation in Spinal Cord Injuries,
Edition 1
By Jacqueline E. Reznik, BAppSci, MAPA, MCSP, GradDip(Teaching), GradDip(Neurology), PhD and Joshua Simmons, BPhty

Publication Date: 01 Jun 2020

Rehabilitation in Spinal Cord Injuries is a practical guide to the treatment and/or management of spinal cord injuries for the physiotherapy student and early career clinician, as well as the medical and health professional wishing to remain current with advancements in treatment and interventions in this area.

Written by Jacqueline Reznik and Joshua Simmons, this multi-contributor text explores contemporary aspects of spinal cord injury treatment and management, as well as essential but not commonly addressed topics, such as sexual rehabilitation, psychological impacts, improving upper limb function of the tetraplegic patient, and ageing with a spinal cord injury. The patient experience is emphasised throughout with input from individuals who have lived experience of a spinal cord injury.

Offering new and important insights into key facets of spinal cord injury treatment and management, Rehabilitation in Spinal Cord Injuries is a practical, evidence-based resource to support clinicians to provide high-quality care and ensure the best patient outcomes. 

Key Features

  • Specialised chapters about biomechanics, paediatric spinal cord injury and high cervical injuries
  • Insight into the lived experience of individuals with a spinal cord injury
  • Documentation of the patient journey from injury to total rehabilitation
  • Practical information on mobility devices and returning to driving
  • Appendix of common assessments for spinal cord injuries
  • Includes an eBook with purchase of the print book
About the author
By Jacqueline E. Reznik, BAppSci, MAPA, MCSP, GradDip(Teaching), GradDip(Neurology), PhD, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, James Cook University, Queensland, Australia Associate Senior Lecturer, Curtin University, WA, Australia Honorary Research Associate, Institute of Child Health, UCL/GOSH, London, UK and Joshua Simmons, BPhty, Director Digital Health Clinical Consultation Services Clinical Lead Digital, Hospital Metro South, Queensland, Australia Clinical Informatics, Metro South Health, Queensland, Australia Former Clinical Team Leader Physiotherapy, Spinal Injuries Queensland Spinal Cord Injury Service, Queensland, Australia
Table of Contents
1. Introduction to spinal cord injury
2. From the field to the emergency department and beyond
3. The shifting paradigm in the physiotherapy treatment of spinal cord injuries
4. Early hospital management of the patient with a spinal cord injury
5. Biomechanics
6. Functional independence
7. Use of electrotherapeutic techniques in the treatment of spinal cord injury
8. Modes of transport
9. Ambulation
10. Hydrotherapy for a patient with an SCI
11. Incomplete spinal and peripheral nerve lesions
12. Overview of sexual function and changes post-SCI
13. Exercise and sport and the person with spinal cord injury
14. Paediatric spinal cord injury
15. Ageing with a spinal cord injury
16. High cervical lesions
17. Ageing with a spinal cord injury
18. Common complications of spinal cord injury
19. Psychological sequelae of spinal cord injuries
20. Sociological issues associated with spinal cord injury – a personal journey
21. The hazards of living with a spinal cord injury
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Page Count: 516
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