New Edition
Understanding the Australian Health Care System,
Edition 4
By Eileen Willis, MEd, PhD, Trudy Rudge, RN, PhD, BA(Hons.) and Louise Reynolds

Publication Date: 04 Oct 2019

Understanding the Australian Health Care System 4e is the essential guide to the complexities of health care in Australia. Key theoretical concepts and current issues along with the structures and policies influencing health care professionals are explored by leading experts led by authors, Eileen Willis, Louise Reynolds and Trudy Rudge.

The text is divided into two sections. The first is about the multiple systems, services and schemes that make up health care in Australia. The second explores the roles of fifteen health professions working within the current system, with a focus on key themes of interprofessional practice, chronic illness, and quality and safety.

Key Features

  • Comprehensively addresses contemporary issues and concepts to assist with understanding and navigating the Australian health care system
  • Focuses on key issues of chronic illness and provision of safety and quality in the health service
  • Chapter review questions and case studies encourage reflection on clinical relevance
  • Pause for reflection boxes encourage critical thinking
  • Suite of video interviews provides insight into current health care issues and challenges

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  • Video interviews with practitioners and thought leaders
  • Discipline-specific case studies
  • Multiple choice questions

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  • PowerPoint presentations
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New Features

  • Content now presented in two sections
  • A new chapter on digital health and the Divide to assist the reader with understanding the impact technology has on the overall health system and individual participants
  • New Editor, Trudy Rudge, provides a strong nursing perspective
  • ‘Policy insights’ per chapter provides the reader with insights into recent policy changes and the impact on individual health professions practice
  • An eBook is included in all print purchases
About the author
By Eileen Willis, MEd, PhD, Professor, Social Health Sciences, School of Health Sciences, Flinders University, SA, Australia; Trudy Rudge, RN, PhD, BA(Hons.) and Louise Reynolds
Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the Australian health care system

Section One: System Overview2. The public health sector and Medicare3. The private health sector and private health insurance 4. International health care systems5. Public health in Australia6. Primary health care systems and reforms7. The Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme: recent trends and options for reform8. The aged care sector: residential and community care9. Rural health systems: spotlight on equity and access10. Indigenous health systems and services11. Organising care for the mentally ill in Australia12. People living with disability: navigating support and health systems13. Australian workers’ compensation systems 14. The complementary and alternative health care system in Australia15. Oral health and dental services 16. NEW The digital divide and health

Section Two: Health Professionals17. The Health Workforce18. Clinical exercise physiology in the Australian health care system 19. Dietetics and Nutrition: promoting health for all Australians20. Health care managers in a changing system21. The profession of Medicine 22. Midwifery: the profession in Australia23. Nursing in Australia24. Occupational Therapy25. Paramedics: the emerging professionalisation of urgent care

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