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Jarvis's Health Assessment and Physical Examination,
Edition 3 Australian and New Zealand
By Helen Forbes, RN, BAppSc (Adv Nurs) (La Trobe University), MEdStudies (Monash University), PhD (University of Sydney) and Elizabeth Watt, RN, DipN (College of Nursing Australia), BAppSc (Adv Nurs) (Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences), MNS (La Trobe University), Cert Prom Cont, FACN

Publication Date: 25 Sep 2020

The third edition of Jarvis’s Health Assessment and Physical Examination is an ideal text for undergraduate nursing students new to health assessment and registered nurses wishing to further develop and refine their skills. Advanced health assessment skills are described and will be useful for Nurse Practitioner candidates.

The textbook is colour-coded and easy to follow. Each chapter sets out the eight key elements of health assessment: structure and function, developmental considerations, social and cultural considerations, subjective data, objective data, promoting a healthy lifestyle, documentation and critical thinking and abnormal findings. Advanced concepts allow students to progress once they understand the basics.

Edited by Helen Forbes and Elizabeth Watt, this comprehensive text has been adapted and updated by leading academics and expert clinicians across Australia and New Zealand.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive approaches to health assessment in nursing, incorporating anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology
  • Detailed identification of relevant development, social and cultural considerations in the Australian and New Zealand context
  • Increased focus on frameworks for health assessment
  • Logical layout and colour coding to support learning
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Instructor resources:

  • Test bank
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Student and Instructor resources:

  • Multiple choice review questions
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  • Videos

New Features

  • Increased content on screening for family violence and abuse and mental health assessment
  • A suite of point of view videos demonstrating core health assessment techniques for some of the difficult skills and concepts related to health assessment examinations
About the author
By Helen Forbes, RN, BAppSc (Adv Nurs) (La Trobe University), MEdStudies (Monash University), PhD (University of Sydney), Nurse Consultant (Education), Formerly Associate Professor and Associate Head of School (Teaching & Learning), School of Nursing & Midwifery, Deakin University, Melbourne, Victoria and Elizabeth Watt, RN, DipN (College of Nursing Australia), BAppSc (Adv Nurs) (Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences), MNS (La Trobe University), Cert Prom Cont, FACN, Nurse Consultant (Education), Formerly Course Coordinator Master of Nursing (Urological & Continence) Course, School of Nursing & Midwifery, La Trobe University, Melbourne Campus, Melbourne, Victoria
Table of Contents

Unit 1: Approaches and contexts of health assessment in nursing
1. The context and frameworks of health assessment
2. Critical thinking in health assessment
3. Developmental tasks across the life span
4. Cultural safety
5. Screening for family violence and abuse
6. Screening for substance abuse

Unit 2: Health assessment tools and techniques
7. The health assessment interview
8. The health history
9. Physical assessment techniques
10. General survey and vital signs

Unit 3: Assessing mental health, neurological and sensory function
11. Mental health assessment
12. Neurological assessment
13. Pain assessment
14. Eye assessment
15. Ear assessment

Unit 4: Assessing cardiovascular function
16. Peripheral vascular assessment
17. Cardiac assessment

Unit 5: Assessing respiratory function
18. Upper airways assessment
19. Lower airways assessment

Unit 6: Assessing musculoskeletal function
20. Musculoskeletal assessment

Unit 7: Assessing nutrition and metabolic function
21. Nutritional and metabolic assessment
22. Skin, hair and nails assessment

Unit 8: Urinary and bowel function
23. Abdominal assessment
24. Assessment of urinary function
25. Assessment of bowel function

Unit 9: Assessing sexuality and reproductive function
26. Female sexual and reproductive assessment
27. Male sexual and reproductive assessment
28. Breasts assessment
29. Assessing the pregnant woman

Unit 10: Utilising health assessment in practice
30. The complete health assessment: putting it all together

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Page Count: 880
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