New Edition
Mental Health in Nursing,
Edition 5 Theory and Practice for Clinical Settings
By Kim Foster, RN, DipAppSc, BN, MA, PhD, CF, FACMHN, Peta Marks, RN, CMHN, BN, MPH, MCFT, FACMHNRN, Anthony O'Brien, BN, MPhil(Hons), PhD, FNZCMHN, ONZOM and Toby Raeburn, RN, MN(Hons), PhD, FACMHN, Churchill Fellow

Publication Date: 25 Sep 2020

The 5th edition of this highly regarded text has a new title and approach which builds on the foundations of previous editions to acknowledge mental health as essential to holistic nursing practice in every setting.

Written by Kim Foster, Peta Marks, Anthony O’Brien and Toby Raeburn - a team of highly respected mental health nursing educators, researchers and clinicians, the new edition has been carefully reorganised to reflect contemporary mental health nursing practice and highlight the value of consumer perspectives. With a key focus on specialist mental health nursing, the new chapters introduce the integration of mental health nursing knowledge and skills across a range of generalist and mental health clinical settings. Mental Health in Nursing, 5th edition is an invaluable resource for all nursing students, whatever their practice area.

Key Features

Consumer perspectives provided by Jarrad Hickmott, Lived Experience Consultant
Historical anecdotes encourage reflection and understanding of contemporary mental health nursing practice
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Additional resources on evolve
• eBook on VitalSource
Instructor resources:
• Test bank - MCQ’s (with answers and rationales)
• Discussion questions
• Image collection
Student and Instructor resources:
• Consumer stories (a selection of videos from Stories in Mental Health)
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New Features

  • Restructured and presented in 3 parts:
    • Section 1: Positioning Practice describes the context and importance of nursing in mental health and includes a new chapter on self-care
    • Section 2: Knowledge for Practice addresses the specialist practice of mental health nursing. Each chapter examines specific mental health conditions, assessment, nursing management and relevant treatment approaches
    • Section 3: Contexts of practice features scenario-based chapters with a framework to support mental health screening, assessment, referral and support, across a range of clinical settings
About the author
By Kim Foster, RN, DipAppSc, BN, MA, PhD, CF, FACMHN, Professor of Mental Health Nursing, Australian Catholic University and NorthWestern Mental Health, Australia; Peta Marks, RN, CMHN, BN, MPH, MCFT, FACMHNRN, National Project Manager, InsideOut Institute, The University of Sydney; Director, Australian Health Consulting, Australia.; Anthony O'Brien, BN, MPhil(Hons), PhD, FNZCMHN, ONZOM, Associate Professor, Mental Health Nursing, University of Waikato, New Zealand and Toby Raeburn, RN, MN(Hons), PhD, FACMHN, Churchill Fellow, Senior Lecturer and Nurse Practitioner in Mental Health, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Western Sydney University, Australia
Table of Contents

PART 1: Positioning Practice

1. Why Mental Health Matters
2. Nursing and Mental Health in Context
3. The Spectrum of Mental health and illness
4. Safe in Care, Safe at work
5. Working with families in Mental Health
6. Professional Self Care

Part 2: Knowledge for Practice

7. Mental Health Assessment
8. Legal and ethical issues
9. Anxiety
10. Mood disorders
11. Substance use and co-occurring disorders
12. Psychosis and Schizophrenia
13. Eating disorders
14. Personality disorders
15. Mental disorders of childhood and adolescence
16. Mental disorders of old age
17. Autism and Intellectual Disability
18. Physical Health
19. Psychopharmacology

Part 3: Contexts of Practice

20. Mental Health in every setting
21. Primary Care & Community
22. Emergency Care
23. Generalist inpatient settings
24. Aged care
25. Perinatal & Infant Mental Health
26. Forensic Mental Health Nursing
27. Mental Health Settings

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