New Edition
Contexts of Nursing,
Edition 6 An Introduction
By John Daly, RN, BA, MEd(Hons), BHSc(N), PhD, MACE, AFACHSE, FCN, FRCNA and Debra Jackson, RN PhD SFHEA FACN

Publication Date: 05 Oct 2020

Contexts of Nursing, 6th edition by John Daly and Debra Jackson introduces undergraduate nursing students in Australia and New Zealand to the theory, knowledge language and scholarship of professional nursing practice.

Written by leading academics at the forefront of nursing education and research, the 6th edition features a range of stories and voices that will challenge the reader and encourage reflection and discussion. Each chapter introduces key topics within the contexts of nursing including critical thinking, reflective practice, informatics, legal and ethical requirements, leadership and the evolving roles of nursing.

Key Features

  • Prompts to encourage deeper personal reflection
  • Chapters are structured to facilitate greater internalisation of content
  • An eBook included in all print purchases

New Features

  • A new focus for

    • Chapter 3: Nursing and Social Media
    • Chapter14: Nursing practice and digital health interventions: A focus on improving care
    • Chapter 19: Cultural safety in nursing and midwifery
About the author
By John Daly, RN, BA, MEd(Hons), BHSc(N), PhD, MACE, AFACHSE, FCN, FRCNA, Dean, Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery and Health, University of Technology Sydney, NSW; Debra Jackson, RN PhD SFHEA FACN, Professor of Nursing, Susan Wakil School of Nursing, University of Sydney, NSW and Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Advanced Nursing, Wiley Online Library
Table of Contents
1. Presenting nursing...a career for life
2. Visioning the future by knowing the past
3. Nursing and social media
4. Key concepts informing nursing: Caring, compassion and emotional competence
5. Becoming a critical thinker
6. Reflective practice: what, why and how
7. Research in nursing
8. Ethics in nursing
9. An introduction to legal aspects of nursing and midwifery practice
10. Power and politics in the practice of nursing
11. Becoming a nurse leader
12. Integrated care and multidisciplinary teamwork
13. Technology and professional empowerment in nursing
14. Nursing practice and digital health interventions: a focus on improving care
15. Healthy communities: the evolving roles of nursing
16. Health disparities: the social determinants of health
17. Mental health promotion
18. The challenges and rewards of rural and remote nursing
19. Cultural safety in nursing and midwifery
20. Connecting clinical and theoretical knowledge for practice
21. Global health and nursing
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