Complications of Pregnancy, Birth and the Post-natal Period for Midwives,
Edition 1
By Megan Cooper, Jane Warland, Annette Briley, Fiona Dillon and Kelly Robinson

Publication Date: 15 Oct 2025
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1 The role of the midwife
2 Risk and pregnancy
3 Common medical conditions in pregnancy
4 Bleeding in early pregnancy
5 Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
6 Diabetes in pregnancy
7 Fetal growth issues
8 Malposition and malpresentation
9 Preterm labour and birth
10 Antepartum haemorrhage
11 Prolonged pregnancy and induction of labour
12 Fetal surveillance
13 Obstetric cholestasis
14 Cord prolapse
15 Multiple pregnancy
16 Instrumental and caesarean section birth
17 Sepsis
18 Shoulder Dystocia
19 Maternal collapse
20 Postpartum haemorrhage
21 Uterine complications and placental abnormalities
22 Birth trauma and psychological considerations for the woman and family
23 Perinatal lossf available, Cut and Paste your Short Table of contents in this box, or append to this template as an extra worksheet.
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By Megan Cooper; Jane Warland; Annette Briley; Fiona Dillon and Kelly Robinson
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