Foundations of Anatomy and Physiology,
Edition 1 A Workshop Manual with Laboratory Applications
By Ellie Kirov, BSc(BiolSc)Hons, PhD(MedSc) and Alan Needham

Publication Date: 01 Apr 2023

This new practice manual is designed to provide students with the conceptual foundations of anatomy and physiology, as well as the basic critical thinking skills they will need to apply theory to practice in real-life settings.

Written by lecturers Dr Ellie Kirov and Dr Alan Needham, who have more than 60 years’ teaching experience between them, the book caters to nursing, health science, and allied health students at varying levels of understanding and ability. Learning activities are scaffolded to enable students to progress to more complex concepts once they have mastered the basics.

A key advantage of this manual is that it can be used by instructors and students in conjunction with any anatomy and/or physiology core textbook, or as a standalone resource. It can be adapted for learning in all environments, including where wet labs are not available.

Key Features

  • Can be used with any other textbook or on its own – flexible for teachers and students alike
  • Scaffolded content – suitable for students’ varying learning requirements and available facilities
  • Concept-based practical activities - can be selected and adapted to align with different units across courses
  • Provides a range of activities to support understanding and build knowledge, including theory, application and experimentation
  • Activities can be aligned to learning requirements and needs – may be selected to assist pre-class, in-class, post-class, or for self-paced learning
  • Easy to navigate – icons identify content type contained in each activity as well as safety precautions
  • An eBook included in all print purchases

Additional resources on Evolve:

  • eBook on VitalSource

Instructor resources:

  • Answers to all Activity questions
  • List of suggested materials and set up requirements for each Activity

Instructor and Student resources:

  • Image collection
About the author
By Ellie Kirov, BSc(BiolSc)Hons, PhD(MedSc), Unit Coordinator & Lecturer, Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University, School of Science, Perth, WA, Australia and Alan Needham
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Measurement and Scientific Maths
Chapter 2 Basic Physics for Physiology
Chapter 3 Basic Chemistry
Chapter 4 Biological Chemistry
Chapter 5 Microscopy
Chapter 6 Cells and Metabolism
Chapter 7 Tissues and Organs
Chapter 8 Body Orientation and Homeostasis
Chapter 9 Integumentary System
Chapter 10 Skeletal System and Joints
Chapter 11 Muscular System
Chapter 12 Nervous System
Chapter 13 Special Senses
Chapter 14 Endocrine System
Chapter 15 Blood
Chapter 16 Cardiovascular System
Chapter 17 Respiratory System
Chapter 18 Lymphatic System
Chapter 19 Immunity and Infection
Chapter 20 Digestive System
Chapter 21 Urinary System and Electrolyte Balance
Chapter 22 Reproductive System and Heredity
Book details
ISBN: 9780729544016
Page Count: 560
Illustrations : Approx. 221 illustrations (221 in full color)
Retail Price : £47.99
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people find this review helpful