Edition 8 A Nursing Perspective
By Megan-Jane Johnstone, AO, PhD, BA, RN

Publication Date: 08 Nov 2022

Now in its eighth edition, Bioethics: A Nursing Perspective provides practical guidance on the ethical issues you might come across in nursing practice, with real-world examples that help to bring this important subject to life.

Author Dr Megan-Jane Johnstone AO, Australia's foremost nursing ethics scholar, provides a comprehensive framework for negotiating the ethical challenges, obligations and responsibilities you might face. The text is engaging and easy to follow, and has been fully updated to reflect current issues in health care such as nurse practitioner assisted dying, pandemic ethics, and the moral costs of misinformation and medical conspiracy theories. .

This book is a suitable companion to the law and ethics components of both undergraduate and postgraduate nursing studies, and is relevant for all nurses who encounter ethical problems in their everyday practice.

Key Features

  • Written in an engaging style – suitable for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students and researchers
  • Focuses on prominent and topical ethical issues facing individual nurses as well as the broader profession
  • Covers a broad range of bioethical issues in health care and how these relate to various fundamental traditions in philosophical ethics
  • Real-life case studies and hypothetical scenarios to encourage debate
  • Covers hot topics in modern nursing practice, including:
  • Professional standards
  • How to make moral decisions
  • Cross-cultural ethics, including the problem of racism
  • Dehumanisation and vulnerable populations
  • Patient rights
  • Mental health care ethics
  • End-of-life care
  • Moral politics of abortion and euthanasia
  • Moral lessons of COVID-19

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New Features

  • Questions fostering critical reflection to support learning
  • Key points and new chapter groupings for easy navigation
  • New chapter on pandemic ethics
About the author
By Megan-Jane Johnstone, AO, PhD, BA, RN, Independent Scholar and Formerly Professor of Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Faculty of Health, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia.
Table of Contents
1. Professional standards and the requirement to be ethical
2. Ethics, bioethics and nursing ethics: some working definitions
3. Moral theory and the ethical practice of nursing
4. Moral problems in nursing and health care contexts
5. Moral decision making in nursing and health care
6. Cross-cultural ethics and the ethical practice of nursing
7. Ethics, dehumanisation and vulnerable populations
8. Patients’ rights to and in health care
9. Ethical issues in mental health care
10. Ethical issues in end-of-life care
11. The moral politics of abortion and euthanasia
12. Professional judgment, moral quandaries and taking ‘appropriate action’
13. Professional obligations to report harmful behaviours: risks to patient safety, child abuse and elder abuse
14. Pandemic ethics
15. Ethics and public health emergencies: climate change, AMR, health inequities, and emergency preparedness
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ISBN: 9780729544283
Page Count: 422
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