Stories in Midwifery,
Edition 3 Reflection, Inquiry, Action
By Allison Cummins, MEd, BN, Midwifery Certificate, Katharine Gillett, Karen Mclaughlin, Loretta Musgrave and Jessica Wood

Publication Date: 01 Jul 2023

This insightful book and accompanying video resource present a collection of perspectives relating to different issues around birthing and midwifery. Through the voices of mothers, midwives, students, health professionals and family members, you will build empathy and understanding, reflect, and learn to apply innovative approaches in your own practice.

The book covers a range of topics, such as midwifery continuity of care, place of birth, multiple pregnancy, complex pregnancies, congenital birth abnormalities, supporting culturally and linguistically diverse women, anxiety and depression, and working with women with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.

Stories in midwifery provides teaching and learning strategies ideal for students and practising midwives alike. Readers will develop the skills, attitudes and mindfulness necessary for working in partnership with women, childbearing people and their families across a variety of settings.

Key Features

  • 22 chapters addressing a range of topics across the childbearing continuum
  • 35 video ‘personal stories’ across a range of topics related to pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period
  • A framework for reflection, inquiry and action – relates stories to your own practice
  • Teaching and learning strategies for each story
  • Weblinks, references and further reading to support learning
  • Transcripts of all interviews included at the back of the book
  • An eBook (with videos embedded) included in all print purchases
  • Supports midwifery curricula; suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels

New Features

  • New topics identified by student midwives as the areas where they need supporting resources to help consolidate learning
  • 4 new chapters
  • 11 new videos
About the author
By Allison Cummins, MEd, BN, Midwifery Certificate, Lecturer in Midwifery, Course Coordinator, Master of Midwifery Faculty of Health, University of Technology, Sydney; Katharine Gillett; Karen Mclaughlin; Loretta Musgrave and Jessica Wood
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Continuity of midwifery care
Sarah’s story
Tamara’s story
Christine’s story
Chapter 2: Homebirth
Kaitlin’s story
Scott’s story
Chapter 3: Vaginal breech birth
Anke’s story
Karolina’s story
Chapter 4: Having a baby in your 40s
Malika’s story
Chapter 5: Grand multiparity
Emma’s story
Chapter 6: Rural and remote midwifery
Jane’s story
Chapter 7: Caesarean section
Melanie’s story: an elective caesarean section
Katie’s story: emergency caesarean birth
Chapter 8: Same-sex parenting
Leia’s story
Chapter 9: Young mothers
Jordan’s story
Chapter 10: Indigenous mothers and midwives
Leona’s story
Kate’s story
Chapter 11: Fathers
Simon’s story
Chapter 12: Multiple pregnancy
Cassandre’s story
Chapter 13: Perinatal mental health
Kathryn’s story
Amy's story
Chapter 14: Complex pregnancies
Trish’s story
Chapter 15: Grief and Loss
Ali and David’s story
Ashleigh’s Story: Rainbow babies - future babies
Nikki’s Story: Recurrent pregnancy loss
Chapter 16: Assisted reproductive techniques
Sandra’s story
Robyn's story
Chapter 17: Vaginal birth after caesarean section
Trish’s story
Chapter 18: Using water immersion for labour and birth
Elise’s Story: Setting up a water birth
Elise’s Story:: Using water immersion in labour and birth
Chapter 19: Privately practising midwives
Sheryl’s story
Chapter 20: Birthing a baby with congenital abnormalities – anencephaly
Ella's story
Vanessa's story
Chapter 21: Cultural and linguistic diversity
Emma's story
Sabera's story
Chapter 22: Working with a woman with physical and/or intellectual disabilities
Namira's story
Book details
ISBN: 9780729544559
Page Count: 180
Retail Price : £43.99
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