Stories in Health Communication,
Edition 1
By Gjyn O'Toole, DipTEFL, DipOccThy, BA, MEdStud

Publication Date: 01 Oct 2024
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Effective communication is a prerequisite for safe and high-quality health care. Stories in Health Communication consists of a series of videos and accompanying text designed to support readers to develop their communication skills to pass their assessments and to communicate more effectively in practice.

The Stories book includes 12 short videos demonstrating effective and ineffective interactions between health practitioners and individuals. Students are encouraged to first watch each video, then complete the related activities to develop their own understanding and competence.

This book will help students critique different communication interactions, reflect on their own habits, consider new skills for communicating more effectively to different people in different settings, and then apply what they learn to practice.

Key Features

  • Aligned to key concepts from Communication: Core Interpersonal Skills for Health Professionals 5e by Gjyn O’Toole.

  • Considers relevant aspects of communication including introducing, questioning, concluding, listening, non-verbal communication, holistic communication, navigating misunderstandings and communicating using telecommunication.

  • Discusses the implications of inappropriate use of social media.

  • Considers the relevance of self-reflection and how your assumptions may affect your ability to communicate effectively.

About the author
By Gjyn O'Toole, DipTEFL, DipOccThy, BA, MEdStud, Senior Lecturer Occupational Therapy (retired), The University of Newcastle, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Table of Contents

1. Introduction and initial information provision?

2. Gathering relevant information by questioning leading to comforting, & confronting?

3. Effective closure of interaction and services?

4. Using Reflection to improve communication?

5. Personal Assumptions affecting communication?

6. Non-verbal communication?

7. Listening to achieve understanding?

8. Considering and managing different environments when communicating?

9. Holistic communication: Considering the Whole Person/s?

10. Misunderstandings & Conflict?

13. Telehealth or Telecommunication to deliver healthcare?

14. Social media?

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Page Count: 120
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