Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions - 4th ANZ Edition,
Edition 4
By Peter Harris, MBBS, FRACGP, Nicholas Vardaxis, BSc(Hons), PhD and Louise Purtell

Publication Date: 08 Oct 2024
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Trusted resource for students and educators in Australia and New Zealand

Mosby’s Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions Australian and New Zealand edition is an established and acclaimed reference guide suitable for all students and clinicians wanting current, accurate definitions of medical terms.

The fourth edition has been updated to reflect the latest changes in healthcare terminology, and retains the comprehensiveness, clarity and currency that readers expect from the Mosby Dictionary. It provides full coverage of nearly 40,000 terms as well as images, tables, graphs and an anatomy and physiology atlas for deeper insight into complex concepts.

This resource is an ideal support for students throughout their studies in medicine, nursing and the broader health professions, and will remain a definitive reference for all clinicians who understand the importance of accurate terminology for better patient care.

Key Features

Key Features

• Nearly 40,000 clear, precise entries
–updated to take in recent healthcare developments to support study and research use
Over 2,000 high quality images and a detailed colour anatomy atlas to enhance comprehension
More than 30 medical and health specialties represented – suitable for all healthcare students, educators and clinicians
Local spelling conventions and phonetic pronunciation guides throughout – suitable for readers in Australia and New Zealand
Etymologies revised to ensure currency
• Comprehensive entries for numerous drugs and medications
Useful appendices, including normal laboratory values for adults and children, units of measurement, nutrition guidelines, assessment guides, immunisation schedules, infection control and herb-drug interactions
An eBook included with print purchase

New to this Edition

• New information on antiviral medications/drugs and associated terminology, as well as updates to public health language and terminology


• Access to all online resources
• Regionalised spellchecker
• Printable colour atlas of human anatomy
• Image collection offers all images for online viewing
• 5 comprehensive appendices
About the author
By Peter Harris, MBBS, FRACGP, Senior Lecturer in Medical Education, University of New South Wales, New South Wales; Nicholas Vardaxis, BSc(Hons), PhD, Executive General Manager, Courses and Quality, Open Universities Australia and Louise Purtell
Table of Contents


Specialist Consultants 

Appendix Consultants 

Editorial Board Members 


Guide to the Dictionary 

Pronunciation Key 

Colour Atlas of Human Anatomy A-

Skeletal system A-

Muscular system A-

Circulatory system A-

Endocrine system A-

Lymphatic system A-

Nervous system A-

Respiratory system A-

Digestive system A-

Reproductive system A-

Urinary system A-

Special senses A-

Dictionary entries A–Z 1–


1 Units of measurement 

2 Symbols and abbreviations 

3 Medical terminology 

4 Normal reference values 

5 Nutrition 

6 Medication: clinical calculations, interactions, issues of safety, and usage rates 

7 Infection control 

8 Health of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Maori people 

9 Tabular atlas of human anatomy and physiology 

Picture credits 

The following appendices are available at

10 Assessment guides 

11 Health promotion and immunisation 

12 Complementary and alternative medicine 

13 Herbs and natural supplements 

14 Health organisations and resources 

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