Transitions in Nursing,
Edition 6 Preparing for Professional Practice
By Esther Chang, DNE, BAppSc(AdvNur), MEdAdmin, PhD, FACN and Deborah Hatcher, DipTeach(PhysEd), BHlthSc(N), MHPEd, PhD

Publication Date: 06 Feb 2024
Now in its sixth edition, Transitions in Nursing continues to challenge, motivate and assist students as they transition to the workforce in different health environments.

The text provides practical, real-life support for nurses preparing for professional practice, ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of what they will encounter and how best to manage the transition period. It covers common issues faced by graduate nurses, important skills for dealing with the world of work, and the organisational environments in which nurses work.

This edition features new contributors, new content, and the latest evidence-based research, statistics, standards and procedures, making it a must-have addition for all senior nursing students and recent graduates.

Key Features

  • Fully updated, evidence-based, comprehensive content from experts in the field
  • Practical strategies and suggestions for removing stress, strain and culture shock
  • A focus on self-care
  • Case studies, reflective questions and exercises throughout to help apply learning to the real-life workplace
Student and Instructor resources on Evolve:
  • Case studies + reflective questions

New Features

  • New chapter on infection prevention and control in the current climate
  • New chapter on bullying and strategies to deal with it
  • New content on cultural safety
About the author
By Esther Chang, DNE, BAppSc(AdvNur), MEdAdmin, PhD, FACN, Emeritus Professor, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Western Sydney University, Sydney, NSW, Australia and Deborah Hatcher, DipTeach(PhysEd), BHlthSc(N), MHPEd, PhD, Dean, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Western Sydney University, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Table of Contents
Section 1: From Student to Graduate

1. Managing the transition from student to graduate nurse
Esther Chang

2. Becoming a competent, confident, professional registered nurse
Jill White

3. Becoming part of a team
Tracy Levett-Jones and Lorinda Palmer

4. Understanding organisational culture in the community health setting
Anna Williams and Deborah Hatcher

5. Understanding organisational culture in the hospital setting
Ritin S. Fernandez

6. Preparing for role transition
Sara Karacsony and Melanie Eslick

7. Processes of change in bureaucratic environments
Susan Alexander

Section 2: Skills for Dealing with the World of Work

8. Caring for self: the roles of collaboration, healthy lifestyle and balance
Katherine Cooper and Shyama G. K. Ratnayake

9. Managing approaches to nursing care delivery
Vicki Drury

10. Dealing with ethical issues in nursing practice
Megan-Jane Johnstone

11. Communication for effective nursing
Jane Stein-Parbury and Joel S. Zugai

12. Evidence-based practice/knowledge translation: a practical guide
Tiffany Conroy

13. Infection prevention and control in the healthcare setting
Lesley Andrew

14. Perspectives on quality in nursing
Steven A. Frost

15. Managing emotional reactions in yourself, patients, families and colleagues
Leah East

16. Leadership in nursing and clinical practice
Nathan J. Wilson and Julia Morphet

Section 3: Organisational Environments

17. Technology and the registered nurse
Caleb Ferguson

18. The challenge of bullying in nursing
Lauretta Luck and Kath Peters

19. Establishing and maintaining a professional identity: portfolios and career progression
Jane Frost

20. Critically reflective practice for the graduate
Carey Mather and Helen Almond

21. Mentoring for new graduates
Stephen Neville and Denise Wilson

22. Professional career development: development of the CAPABLE nursing professional
Jane Conway and Emily Baxter

23. Transition into practice: the regulatory framework for nursing
Leeanne Heaton

24. Understanding primary healthcare
Jane L. Phillips, Louise D. Hickman and Priyanka Vandersman

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