Edition 1 Detection, Measurement and Management in Optometric Practice
By William A. Douthwaite, MSc, PhD, FBCO, DCLP and Mark A. Hurst, PhD, BSc, FBCO

Publication Date: 17 Dec 1993
Cataract affects at least fifty million people worldwide. Conventional methods of correction have always been thick spectacles and surgery. With the current changes in the approach to cataract treatment, the optometrist's role in the early detection and management of cataract is crucial.

Key Features

* Written specifically for optometrists by optometrists
* Essential background information is provided together with more detailed aspects of clinical management
* The book is well illustrated and fully up to date with the latest clinical and research findings
About the author
By William A. Douthwaite, MSc, PhD, FBCO, DCLP, Professor of Optometry, University of Bradford, Bradford, UK and Mark A. Hurst, PhD, BSc, FBCO, Lecturer in Optometry, University of Bradford, Bradford, UK
Table of Contents
Introduction; Biochemistry; Cataract types; Signs, symptoms and patient management; New techniques; Assessment of neural function behind cataract; The ophthalmologists point of view; Correction of aphakia by spectacle lenses, contact lenses, intraocular implants; The medical treatment of cataract.

Book Reviews
"this is a strategic and praiseworthy text which deserves attention and possession.
"British Jrnl of Optometry & Dispensing, February 1994
is a book which is likely to enrich that average practice."The Contact Lens Journal, February 1994
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Optometrists, both trainees and practitioners