Sports Vision,
Edition 1
By Loran

Publication Date: 03 Mar 1997
Sports vision is a relatively new but fast expanding area of multi-disciplinary eye care involving not only optometrists but also dispensing opticians, ophthalmologists, athletes, sports organisations and coaches. This book deals with optimising safe and efficient vision in sport. Sports vision will be essential reading for everyone involved in sport wishing to optimise vision particularly optometrists but also ophthalmologists, athletes and trainers.

'For practitioners wishing to develop an active interest in the subject this book acts as a valuable guide to how they need to develop both their optometric and dispensing skills.' - Journal of British Contact Lens Assoc., January 1996 '..excellent.' - The Optician, March 1996

Key Features

* Visual training, injuries and prevention, setting up a practice, legal considerations and many other aspects of sports vision are covered in detail.
Table of Contents
Overview of sports vision; Vision requirements in sport; Sports for the visually impaired; Eye injuries in sports; Sports lighting and radiation hazards; Protective eye wear; Sports vision correction - spectacles, contact lenses, refractive surgery;
Sports vision enhancement; Setting up a sports vision practice; Forensic sports vision; The future of sports vision - the American perspective, the non-American perspective
Book details
ISBN: 9780750636162
Page Count: 256
Illustrations : 27 ills.
Retail Price : £42.99
MACEWEN AND GREGSON: Manual of Strabismus Surgery (2002, ISBN: 0750652489)
Optometrists, sports medicine students, practitioners and sports enthusiasts