Statistical Methods for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care,
Edition 1
By Paul Myles, MB, BS, MPH, MD, FCARCSI, FANZCA and Tony Gin, MB, ChB, BSc, MD, DipHSM, FRCA, FANZCA

Publication Date: 27 Sep 2000
Written in a user-friendly style, each chapter begins with a summary of key points, basic definitions and principles. This is an essential guide for all anaesthetists interested in reading journal articles and conducting research, and it also provides a basic grounding for those preparing for specialist examinations.

Key Features

* enables the reader to interpret statistical methods used in journal articles, understand and use statistics in research projects (and pass examinations!) * offers clear advice on the appropriate use of statistics in anaesthesia and intensive care
* explains in simple terms the various statistical methods
About the author
By Paul Myles, MB, BS, MPH, MD, FCARCSI, FANZCA, Head of Research and Specialist Anaesthetist, Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Management, Alfred Hospital, Victoria; Associate Professor, Departments of Anaesthesia, and Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and Tony Gin, MB, ChB, BSc, MD, DipHSM, FRCA, FANZCA, Chairman and Chief of Service, Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin, Hong Kong Professor, Chairman & Chief of Service
Table of Contents
Data types; Descriptive statistics; Principles of probability and inference; Research design; Comparing groups: numerical data; Comparing groups: categorical data; Regression and correlation; Predicting outcome: diagnostic tests or predictive equations; Survival Analysis; Large trials, meta-analysis, and evidence-based medicine; Statistical errors in anaesthesia; How to design a clinical trial; Which statistical test to use: algorithms
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ISBN: 9780750640657
Page Count: 176
Illustrations : 33 ills.
Retail Price : £50.99
There are several books available on statistics in medicine, but nothing which is specific to anaesthetists with relevant worked examples. The following books are currently referred to:
Altman: Practical Statistics for Medical Research, Chapman & Hall, 1990, 400pp, PB, £18.50.
Armitage: Statistical Methods in Medical Research, Blackwell, 1994, HB, £37.50. A higher level advanced book.
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Trainee and practising anaesthetists and intensivists, and researchers.