Edition 11
By Mike Freeman, PhD, MPhil, BSc, MInstP(Hon), CGIA and Christopher Hull

Publication Date: 23 Oct 2003
An understanding of the fundamental principles of geometrical and physical optics is essential for any student engaged in the study of the visual sciences, but the non-physicist needs a text which clearly explains these notoriously difficult concepts in order to apply them to the practical and clinical aspects of vision. Optics by Freeman and Hull fulfils this requirement admirably.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive information on optics makes this book the definitive source on the subject.
  • A bright, two-color design enhances the text and aids the reader's understanding.

New Features

  • Completely updated and revised to present the latest information in the field.
  • All illustrations are now highlighted with a second color to aid understanding.
  • A new color plate section provides clear, excellent-quality photographs to vividly illustrate important concepts.
  • More information is included on aspheric lenses, with a new chapter on aspheric lenses.
  • Many new questions and exercises reinforce important points and help readers understand the material.
  • The contents have been entirely reorganized for a more logical, easy-to-follow approach.
  • A new glossary defines all key terms from the chapters for convenient reference.
About the author
By Mike Freeman, PhD, MPhil, BSc, MInstP(Hon), CGIA and Christopher Hull, Senior Lecturer, Departent of Optometry and Vision Science, City University, London
Table of Contents
1. The basics of light and optical surfaces2. Reflection and refraction at plane surfaces3. Refraction and reflection at spherical surfaces4. Thin lenses5. Thick lenses and systems of lenses6. Principles of optical instruments7. Aberrations and ray tracing8. Non-spherical and segmented optical surfaces9. The nature of light, light sources and detectors10. Radiometry and photometry11. Optical materials: interaction of light and matter12. Interference and optical films13. Diffraction: wavefronts and images14. Optical design: forming a good image15. The eye as an optical instrumentAnswers to exercises
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ISBN: 9780750642484
Page Count: 576
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Optometry students and practitioners, dispensing opticians, ophthalmologists, students of vision sciences