New Edition
Stroke Rehabilitation,
Edition 1 Guidelines for Exercise and Training to Optimize Motor Skill
Edited by Janet H. Carr, MA, EdD (Columbia), FACP and Roberta B. Shepherd, MA, EdD (Columbia), FACP

Publication Date: 30 Dec 2002
Previously published as A Motor Relearning Programme for Stroke, the authors have produced a completely revised and updated version of this essential guide to task- and context-specific exercise and training for the optimal functional recovery of stroke patients. The guidelines are based on scientific rationale and the latest clinical research and cover a range of critical everyday actions, while the modern and accessible format with many new photographs and line drawings ensures maximum clarity and practicality.Written by two acknowledged experts in their field, Stroke Rehabilitation presents Carr and Shepherd's internationally respected system of stroke rehabilitation. The clear and comprehensive linking of science and clinical practice make this an indispensable volume for physiotherapists, occupational therapists and all those involved in the rehabilitation of patients with stroke.

Key Features

  • Presents Carr and Shepherd's well-known and internationally followed programme on stroke and neurological physiotherapy
  • Replaces the popular A Motor Relearning Programme for Stroke - made up-to-date and applicable to contemporary practice
  • Can be used as a companion text to Carr & Shepherd's Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Rigourously researched and evidence-based
  • The only textbook bridging the gap between science and clinical practice that concentrates on stroke
  • Written specifically with physiotherapists in mind - so appropriate for students as well as more advanced practitioners
  • Many more references than before - helping to provide the evidence for clinical practice
  • New illustrations - easy to read and navigate.
  • New Features

  • Protocols presented in a step by step format, highlighting critical components, adaptive movements and what to do to help plan treatment
  • More information on both biomechanics and exercise - giving the reader crucial, current information
  • Completely redesigned with a new easy to follow layout
  • All the pictures are new to illustrate the treatment protocols
  • New in paperback - easier to carry around or use in practice.
  • About the author
    Edited by Janet H. Carr, MA, EdD (Columbia), FACP, Honorary Associate Professor, Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney, Australia and Roberta B. Shepherd, MA, EdD (Columbia), FACP, Honorary Professor, Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney, Australia
    Table of Contents
    Preface to the first edition; Preface to the third edition; Part I; Background to the devlopment of Motor Relearning Programme; Creating an environment for recovery and for learning; Part II; Introduction and rationale; Upper limb function; Orofacial function; Sitting; Balanced Sitting;Sanding up; Sitting down; Balanced standing; Walking; Index.
    Book Reviews
    ""The book is well structured. It provides easily applicable treatment guidlines, backed up by a strong evidence base and an extensive up to date reference list. I would recommend this book for any neurological physiotherapy service."" Ruth O'Cnnell, Phsiotherapy Ireland
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    ISBN: 9780750647120
    Page Count: 312
    Retail Price : £55.99
    0-7216-4077-X, 978-0-7216-4077-8, Huber & Wells: Therapeutic Exercise, Treatment Planning for Progression, Mar-2006
    Physiotherapists: students and practitionersOccupational therapists: students and practitioners All those working in the field of stroke rehabilitation
    J Josephine Morris
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