Outcomes in Critical Care,
Edition 1
Edited by Saxon Alan Ridley, MD, FRCA

Publication Date: 06 Jan 2002
With moves towards improved quality of care and attempts to maximise health care benefit without increasing resources, the outcome of patients following critical illness has become an important focus. There are many aspects to outcome following critical illness and it is vitally important that the correct outcome measure is selected when considering effectiveness or efficiency of critical care.

This book covers all aspects of outcome, describing their important advantages and highlighting their weaknesses so that the reader can easily select the most appropriate outcome measure for their particular area of interest.
About the author
Edited by Saxon Alan Ridley, MD, FRCA, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Critical Care Complex, Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, Norwich, UK
Table of Contents
Introduction; Mortality; Case mix adjustment by prediction of mortality; Organ failure scores; Determining ICU induced morbidity; Quality of life; Practical aspects; Complications and adverse events; Economic outcomes; Ethical issues.
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ISBN: 9780750649827
Page Count: 288
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