Intensive Care Aftercare,
Edition 1
Edited by Richard Griffiths, BSc MD FRCP and Christina Jones, PhD

Publication Date: 06 Jan 2002
The editors have pioneered an 'intensive care aftercare' programme which provides follow-up and rehabilitation care for these patients, either whilst recovering on a general ward or at home.
About the author
Edited by Richard Griffiths, BSc MD FRCP, Reader in Medicine (Intensive Care), Department of Medicine, The University of Liverpool, Liverpool; Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine, Whiston Hospital, UK; and Christina Jones, PhD, Research Fellow, Intensive Care Research Group, Whiston Hospital, Prescot, UK
Table of Contents
Introduction: Why follow-up is needed; Audit Commission report recommendations; IMMEDIATE PROBLEMS AFTER ICU: Neuromuscular problems and physical weakness; Acute psychological problems, e.g. anxiety, amnesia and drug withdrawal; Delusions and hallucinatory memories of ICU; AFTER DISCHARGE FROM HOSPITAL: Sexual problems; Nutrition; Physical and Psychological recovery; Specific disease outcomes; AFTERCARE PROGRAMME - Where, when, how, and who, including ward visits and outpatient clinics for patients and relatives?; Ward visits and the role of the clinical nurse practitioner; Ward visits and the role of the ICU Doctor; SETTING UP AN OUTPATIENT CLINIC: Doctor led; Nurse led; Rehabilitation after critical illness; Bereavement; Interventions on ICU that may impact on later recovery: Patient diaries.
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