Ethics and Midwifery,
Edition 2 Issues in Contemporary Practice
By Lucy Frith, BA, MPhil and Heather Draper, BA, MA, PhD

Publication Date: 18 Dec 2003
Midwives increasingly have faced challenging ethical issues that have clinical and legal implications, they have not always been adequately prepared to deal with them. This book adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to guide the student and practitioner through dilemmas that commonly occur in clinical practice and to highlight the changing face of the midwifery profession.

Key Features

  • Provides a multi-disciplinary approach to guide midwives through dilemmas which occur in clinical practice
  • Anexcellent team of contributors from the field of midwifery and ethics make this an essential purchase for every midwifery student and practitioner
  • About the author
    By Lucy Frith, BA, MPhil, Lecturer in Ethics, Department of Primary Care, University of Liverpool, UK and Heather Draper, BA, MA, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Ethics, The Centre for Biomedical Ethics, University of Birmingham
    Table of Contents
    Ethics and consent in midwifery. Legal and ethical issues in midwifery practice. Failure to deliver: ethical issues relating to epidural analgesia in uncomplicated labour. Routine antenatal HIV testing and its implications for informed consent. Risk and normality in the maternity services. Midwives and sexuality: earth mother or coy maiden. Ethical issues in neonatal intensive care. Screening and the prefect baby. Ethics of fetal tissue transplantation and research on embryos. Reproductive technologies and midwives. Midwifery and homeopathy. Midwifery autonomy and the code of professional conduct: an unethical combination? Retention and autonomy in midwifery practice. Midwifery Research: some ethical considerations. Researching sensitive issues: a personal view.
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    ISBN: 9780750653503
    Page Count: 320
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    FRITH: Ethics and Midwifery (1996, ISBN: 0750630566)
    Midwifery students and practitioners