Optical Formulas Tutorial,
Edition 2
By Ellen D. Stoner, ABOM

Publication Date: 25 Aug 2005
Designed for students and professionals preparing for the ABO certification exam or wishing to quickly brush up on optical formulas, this easy-to-use workbook contains optical formulas, definitions, and walk-through problems with practical examples throughout. Rather than searching through dozens of optics books, readers will find all relevant information here in one source. Coverage includes everything from sine, cosine and tangent to resultant prism and resolving prism to polarized filters - and much more!

Key Features

  • Features a user-friendly format that facilitates the review process, with practical examples throughout.
  • Provides a convenient review of optical formulas and basic math problems.
  • Begins each chapter with a brief discussion of the topic, then proceeds with exercises and examples; answers are provided at the end of the book.

New Features

  • New work-text design allows the reader to complete practice exercises within the book and section being studied.
  • More complex formulas include "how to use the calculator" boxes, and multiple choice review sections have been added to the sections.
  • Advanced exercises such as non-formula exercises are now included throughout.
About the author
By Ellen D. Stoner, ABOM, Former Director of Opticianry Program, Durham Technical Community College, Durham, NC
Table of Contents
Section I: Math Review
Signed Numbers
Significance and Precision
Sine, Cosine, Tangent
Scientific Notation
Section II: Theory of Light
Properties of waves
Wave formula
Properties of Rays
Absorption, reflection, refraction
Law of reflection
Laws of refraction
Index of refraction
Snell's law
Critical angle
Apparent Depth
Apparent Thickness
Lateral Displacement
Dispersion and Abbé number
Section III: Lenses
Refraction through a lens
Focal length formula
Lens surfaces
Lens types
Radius of curvature
Surface power formula
Nominal power formula
The lensmaker's equation
Cylinders, compound lenses
Lens Meridians
Optical cross
Flat transposition
Cross cylinder transposition
Hand neutralization
Prescription notation
Circle of least confusion
Refractive errors
Types of Ametropias
Regular Astigmatisms
With and Against the Rule Astigmatism
Power in oblique meridians
Vertex distance and effective power
Effective power
Compensated power
Back and Front Vertex Power
Section IV: Prisms
Prism definitions
Dispersion of Light by a Prism
Object Displacement by a Prism
Prism Power
Segment Styles
Section V: Surfacing and Finishing
Lens and frame measurements
Boxing System
Datum System
Frame Center Distance
Effective Diameter
Segment Height and Drop
Segment Inset and Total Inset
Minimum blank size
Base curves
Toric Transposition
Refractive Power Formula
Sagittal depth and lens thickness
Prism thickness
Section VI: Advanced Lens Formulas
Martin's formula for lens tilt
Spectacle Magnification
Angular Magnification
Thompson's formula for obliquely crossed
Fresnel's equation for reflection
Anti-reflective coatings
Transmission through absorptive lenses
Polarizing filters
Section VII: Image Formation
Image size and placement: mirrors
Image size and placement: thin lenses
Principal planes
Image size and placement: thick lenses
Nodal points
Diagram of the human eye
1. Basic Glossary
2. ANSI Standards: Z80.1-1999
3. Optical Symbols and Formulas
4. Trigonometric Tables
5. Oblique Meridian (sine-squared method) table
6. References
7. Answer Key
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ISBN: 9780750675048
Page Count: 264
Retail Price : £50.99
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