The Contact Lens Manual,
Edition 4 A Practical Guide to Fitting
By Andrew Gasson, FCOptom, DCLP, FAAO and Judith A. Morris, MSc, FCOptom, FAAO, FIACLE

Publication Date: 08 Jul 2010

The Contact Lens Manual continues to meet the needs of a new generation of optometrists, dispensing opticians, contact lens practitioners and students who require clear and reliable information for fitting a complete range of contact lenses.

The fourth edition of this best-selling classic, now in full colour throughout, provides the most up-to-date guidance in all aspects of today’s lenses in a practical and easy to use manual. Featuring new developments in lens types, care regimes, current practices, and electronic access to brand new video footage as well as a range of learning tools, this manual offers a complete package to help readers expand their lens knowledge, improve fitting and optimise patient care.

Key Features

  • The authors use a down-to-earth practical approach to distil years of experience into one handy volume.
  • A bullet point style makes the information easily accessible.
  • Key information is presented so it can be quickly located.
  • Practical tips, clinical pearls, helpful advice, and warnings are presented in boxes so readers can see at a glance what to do.
  • New Features

    • Features updates to all chapters and lens types with a wealth of new information on silicone hydrogels, toric soft lenses, rigid gas-permeable fitting and patient after care.
    • Presents a new chapter on dry eyes with expert guidance on treatment and practical management advice.
    • Includes an expanded illustration programme and page design with full colour throughout including colour-coded sections and boxes to highlight key information for easier learning.
    • Electronic access to brand new video footage of lens and eye care regimes, along with over 100 clinical photographs, images from the book, simulations and calculation tools.
    About the author
    By Andrew Gasson, FCOptom, DCLP, FAAO, Contact Lens Practitioner, London, UK and Judith A. Morris, MSc, FCOptom, FAAO, FIACLE, Director of Contact Lens Teaching, City University, London, and Head of Contact Lenses, Institute of Optometry, London, UK
    Table of Contents


    How to use this book

    Common Abbreviations


    Section 1: Preliminaries

    1. Background

    2. Instrumentation

    3. Record Keeping

    4. Consulting room procedures and equipment

    5. Preliminary considerations and examination

    6. Dry eyes and the tear film

    7. Lens types and materials


    Section 2: Rigid Gas Permeable Lens Fitting

    8. Principles of rigid lens design

    9. Development of rigid lens design

    10. Rigid lens selection and fitting

    11. Fluorescein patterns and fitting

    12. Aspheric lenses

    13. Rigid lens specification and verification

    14. Orthokeratology and reverse geometry lenses


    Section 3: Hydrogel and Silicone Hydrogel Fitting

    15. Soft lens fitting and design

    16. Soft lens fitting characteristics

    17. Other soft lens fitting considerations

    18. Disposable lenses and frequent (planned) replacement

    19. Silicone Hydrogels

    20. Soft lens specification and verification


    Section 4: Complex Lenses

    22. Toric rigid lenses

    23. Toric soft lenses

    24. Lenses for presbyopia

    25. Special lens features and applications


    Section 5: Management

    26. Care systems

    27. Lens collection and patient instruction

    28. Aftercare

    29. Aftercare Complications

    30. Additional Aftercare Procedures


    Section 6: Children and Therapeutic Lenses

    31. Contact lenses and children

    32. Therapeutic and Complex Lens Designs


    Glossary of contact lens-related terms



    Book Reviews

    From the reviews of previous editions:

    "The format is an intensely practical, hands-on guide to fitting all lens types, from straightforward sphericals through to sealed sclerals… Each chapter is punctuated with different boxes containing practical advice, general advice, rules of thumb and warnings…Unlike most textbooks, it would be quite possible to pick up this book and read it from cover to cover. In fact, I can recommend it." Optometry Today

    Book details
    ISBN: 9780750675901
    Page Count: 448
    Illustrations : Approx. 163 illustrations (163 in full color)
    Retail Price : £62.99
    Contact lens practitioners, optometrists and optometry students
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