Veterinary Nursing Self-Assessment,
Edition 3
By Julie Elizabeth Ouston, MA, Vet MB, MRCVS, PGCE

Publication Date: 05 May 2004
Now in its third edition, Veterinary Nursing Self-Assessment Q&As has beenrewritten and updated to reflect the recent changes to the Veterinary NursingCurriculum and National Occupational Standards. Including new questions andstructure this ever popular book follows the revised content and organisation of thethird edition of the core text Veterinary Nursing.Veterinary Nursing Self-Assessment Questions and Answers is a valuable learningtool and supporting revision aid for Veterinary Nurses in gaining their qualifications

Key Features

· Content is structured around the format of the main textbook to enable students to undertake a planned course of study or revision.· Self-assessment opportunities provide students with a clear understanding of their level of competence to help them be successful in both assessment and examination.

New Features

  • Completely revised with new content
  • Questions in line with changes to the S/NVQ syllabus
  • Comprehensive explanations of both correct and incorrect choice of answer
  • provides students with effective feedback for self study
  • Additional material reflects the content of the third edition of Veterinary Nursing,
  • giving students a structure to their revision
  • Provides students with a clear understanding of their level of competence
  • About the author
    By Julie Elizabeth Ouston, MA, Vet MB, MRCVS, PGCE, Director, MYF Training Ltd, Hampshire, UK
    Table of Contents


    Anatomy & Physiology

    Terminology and Directional Terms

    Body Fluid Compartments

    Cells Structure

    Basic Tissue Types

    The Body Cavities

    The Skeletal System

    The Muscular System

    The Nervous System

    The Endocrine System

    The Blood Vascular System

    The Respiratory System

    The Digestive System

    The Urinary System

    The Reproductive System

    The Integument

    Observation and Care of the Patient

    First Aid

    Animal Handling and Basic Animal Management

    Practice Organisation, Management, Law and Ethics


    Genetics and Animal Breeding

    Exotic Pets and Wildlife

    Medicines: Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Dispensing

    Laboratory Diagnostic Aids

    Elementary Microbiology and Immunology

    Elementary Mycology and Parasitology

    General Nursing

    Medical Disorders and their Nursing

    Infectious Diseases

    Non-infectious Diseases

    Obstetrics and Paediatric Nursing of the Dog and Cat

    Surgical and High-Dependence Nursing

    Theatre Practice

    Fluid Therapy and Shock

    Anaesthesia and Analgesia

    Diagnostic Imaging

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    ISBN: 9780750687812
    Page Count: 256
    Retail Price : £23.99
    Trainee veterinary nurses; veterinary technicians; veterinary practices; lecturers