Physiotherapy for Children,
Edition 1
By Teresa Pountney, PhD, MA, MCSP

Publication Date: 01 Aug 2007
A comprehensive clinical manual and reference on paediatric physiotherapy, which examines all of the theoretical and clinical aspects of physiotherapy provision for children and young adults including: Neurology; Cardio-respiratory; Musculoskeletal; Oncology and palliative care; Mental health; Acquired brain injury.Dr Teresa Pountney heads up a team of experienced practitioners who cover a range of conditions from those experienced by the typically developing child to those with disabilities and diseases. The changing needs of children with long term conditionsis described, as well as methods of service delivery to enable children and families to benefit as much as possible from their treatment. The different settings in which physiotherapy is provided for children, school, home, and hospital is described in addition to strategies and legislation relating to this.

Key Features

  • Strong emphasis on evidence-based practice
  • Case studies illustrate practical applications of concepts and techniques and offer clinical reasoning behind decision-making
  • Outcome measures discussed in depth - over 14 different assessments are reviewed
  • Up to date - most recent research and newest legislation taken into account
About the author
By Teresa Pountney, PhD, MA, MCSP, Research Physiotherapist, Chailey Heritage Clinical Services, East Sussex
Table of Contents
Part 1 Approaches to working with childrenChapter 1 Legal and ethical frameworkChapter 2 Service deliveryPart 2 Assessment and Outcome measuresChapter 3 Outcome measuresChapter 4 Clinical gait analysisPart 3 NeurologyChapter 5 Motor control in developmental neurologyChapter 6 Neonatal CareChapter 7 Cerebral palsyChapter 8 Neural tube defectsChapter 9 Developmental co-ordination disorderChapter 10 Assistive TechnologyPart 4 Acquired brain injuryChapter 11 Acquired brain injury: Acute phaseChapter 12 Acquired brain injury: Long-term rehabilitationPart 5 MusculoskeletalChapter 13 OrthopaedicsChapter 14 RheumatologyChapter 15 Duchenne Muscular DystrophyChapter 16 Sports injuriesPart 6 Cardio-Respiratory Chapter 17 The anatomy and physiology of the immature respiratory systemChapter 18 Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy for the acutely ill, non-ventilated childChapter 19 Paediatric Intensive CarePart 7 Oncology & Palliative CareChapter 20 Cancer in the Child and Young Person Part 8 Child and Adolescent Mental HealthChapter 21 Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Book Reviews
"Information is presented in a variety of forms: from diagrams, tables and bullet points; to photos, question and answers and case studies; making the information easy to read and take in.As a student physiotherapist I have found the book extremely helpful; in particular, the use of case studies, which help pull together how the theory is applied in practice. This is an ideal textbook for those with limited experience like myself, or for anybody requiring a little refresher on the subject."Linda Wilkinson, University of Southampton"This book is a great introduction to paediatric physiotherapy. It is clear, concise and understandable. Pountney has arranged the book so that each chapter is clearly identified, with it’s own contents list on the first page in order to enable to the reader to locate the information they need quickly.The arrangement of topics is logical and the provision of further reading material as well as useful websites is very beneficial for professional development."Jennifer Louise Oakes, University of Central Lancashire "Brilliant. At last a British physiotherapy for children publication. The case studies give appropriate examples of what happens in practice. The figures are very illustrative"Maggie Whittaker, Lecturer, Health & Human Sciences, University of Essex“There is such a wealth of information in every chapter from authors who are experts in their field of clinical practice. The book is easy to read and would be an excellent study tool for students of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language therapy to name a few, and for any clinician working in the field of paediatrics or wanting to learn more about paediatrics….I would recommend this as a ‘must have’ for your bookshelf, and only wish it had been available when I was a student and when I was starting out as an OT….It would be a worthwhile addition to any therapist’s bookshelf¿.Joanne McConnell. Posture & Mobility: Vol 24:2, Autumn 2007
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ISBN: 9780750688864
Page Count: 376
Retail Price : £51.99
Physiotherapy undergraduate students and post graduates who are choosing to specialise in paediatrics. It will also be useful to related professions including paediatricians, clinical engineers and other allied health professionals.
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