Communication Assessment and Intervention with Infants and Toddlers,
Edition 1
By Barbara Weitzner-Lin, PhD

Publication Date: 29 Mar 2004
Written from a practical case-based approach, this textbook provides a theoretical framework for assessing the communication abilities of young children (from birth to three years). It includes helpful protocols developed by the author for assessing young children as well as evaluation instruments that can be used with this population. The case studies build upon the knowledge presented in the chapters and serve to translate the theoretical information into practical clinical applications. A unique feature of this book includes the incorporation of information regarding the impact of cultural diversity upon the family's orientation to early assessment and intervention. The assessment and intervention techniques for children who need alternative means of communication, such as the use of signs and object boards, will be especially helpful for speech-language pathologists who work with children with special needs.

Key Features

  • Chapter 1 introduces two case studies that are a means of translating the theoretical framework into practical applicable information.
  • Chapter 4 consists of assessments for each case study.
  • Outcomes and intervention plans are discussed in Chapter 8.
  • Features extensive coverage on the topic of cultural diversity.
  • Includes a framework for incorporating parents/caregivers in the assessment process and recognizes that the family, not the professional, is the decision-maker.
  • Boxes and tables highlight important information.
  • Chapter outlines and an expanded TOC make it easy to find specific information.
About the author
By Barbara Weitzner-Lin, PhD, Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY
Table of Contents
1. Overview of Infant/Toddler Assessment and Intervention
2. Framework for Assessing Communication of Infants and Toddlers
3. Components of a Speech/Language/Communication Assessment
4. Case Studies to Illustrate How to Integrate the Components of Assessment
5. General Considerations in Intervention
6. Components of Speech-Language and Communication Intervention
7. Intervention Focusing on Caregiver Participation in Intervention
8. Case Studies to Illustrate the Intervention Process
Appendix: Assessment Tools: Birth to Three
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ISBN: 9780750699297
Page Count: 160
Retail Price : £39.99
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