Pediatric Orthopaedic Secrets,
Edition 3
By Lynn T. Staheli, MD and Kit M. Song, MD

Publication Date: 01 Jun 2007
This volume in The Secrets Series® is back in an exciting, fully updated 3rd Edition! Over 90 contributing experts provide you with authoritative, up-to-date guidance on every aspect of orthopaedic disorders in children. From growth and development to integrating a child with a disability into society to physeal injuries to child abuse to youth sports and related injuries—this book presents all the key elements of orthopedics for clinical use, rounds, and board preparation..

Key Features

  • Provides well-rounded coverage of orthopedic issues, including growth and development · integrating a child with a disability into society · physeal injuries · child abuse · youth sports and related injuries · and more.
  • Expedites reference and review with a question-and-answer format, bulleted lists, mnemonics, and tips for the authors.

New Features

  • Features a two-color page layout, “Key Points¿ boxes, and lists of useful web sites to expand your reference power.
  • Includes a chapter containing the “Top 100 Secrets¿ in pediatric orthopaedics, enabling you to quickly review essential material.Includes a chapter containing the “Top 100 Secrets¿ in pediatric orthopaedics, enabling you to quickly review essential material.
  • Comes in a convenient pocket size for easy access to key information.
About the author
By Lynn T. Staheli, MD, Professor of Orthopedics, Department of Orthopedics, University of Washington, Consulting Orthopedist, Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Seattle, WA and Kit M. Song, MD, Assistant Director of Orthopedic Surgery, Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, University of Washington, Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center, Seattle, WA
Table of Contents
I. Introductory Principles

1. Growth and Development, Benjamin Alman, MD

2. Etiology of Orthopedic Disorders, James G. Gamble, MD, PhD

II. Evaluation

3. The Sick Child, Ryan C. Goodwin, MD

4. Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain, David D. Sherry, MD

5. Diagnostic Imaging, Maya E. Pring, MD, and Dennis R. Wenger, MD

6. Gait Analysis, Lori Karol, MD

III. Management

7. Philosophy of Care, James G. Wright, MD, MPH, FRCSC

8. Physician-Parent Relationship, James G. Wright, MD, MPH, FRCSC

9. Integrating the Child with a Disability into Society, Mary Williams Clark, MD

10. Anesthesia, Inge Falk van Rooyen, MBChB, FRCA

11. Postoperative Management, David D. Aronsson, MD, Nathan K. Endres, MD, and Ryan M. Putnam, MD

12. Casts, Alfred D. Grant, MD, and Amir M. Atif, MD

13. Orthoses (Braces and Splints), John R. Fisk, MD, and Terry J. Supan, CPO

14. Physical and Occupational Therapy, S. K. DeMuth, DPT, and Hugh G. Watts, MD

15. Shoes for Children, Lynn T. Staheli, MD

16. Joint Aspiration, Ken N. Kuo, MD

17. Prevention of Injury. Severino R. Bautista, Jr., MD, and John M. Flynn, MD

IV. Acute Problems

18. Evaluation of the Injured Child, Severino R. Bautista, Jr., MD, and John M. Flynn, MD

19. Child versus Adult Trauma: Management Principles, R. Jay Cummings, MD, and Kevin M. Neal, MD

20. Physeal Injuries, Hamlet A. Peterson, MD

21. Pitfalls in Trauma, Randall T. Loder, MD

22. Child Abuse, William L. Oppenheim, MD, and Richard E. Bowen, MD

23. Polytrauma, David Skaggs, MD

24. Foot and Ankle Trauma in Children, William Puffinbarger, MD, and J. Andy Sullivan, MD

25. Knee Injuries, Kit M. Song, MD

26. Tibial Injuries, Kit M. Song, MD

27. Femur Fractures, Wesley Bevan, MBChB, FRACS, and Deborah Stanitski, MD

28. Hip and Pelvic Fractures, James H. Beaty, MD

29. Fractures of the Neck and Spine, Joseph G. Khoury, MD

30. Shoulder Injuries, Shyam Kishan, MD, and James O. Sanders, MD

31. Fractures in the Elbow Region, Kaye E. Wilkins, DVM, MD

32. Wrist and Forearm Fractures, J. Eric Gordon, MD

33. Hand Injuries, Donald S. Bae, MD, and Peter M. Waters, MD

V. Sports-related Injuries

34. Youth Sports and Related Injuries, Kevin Shea, MD, and Kurt Nilsson, MD

35. Stress Fracture, Jeffrey S. Shilt, MD, and Neil E. Green, MD

36. Upper Extremity Sports Injuries, Christopher R. Kim, MD, and Henry G. Chambers, MD

37. Lower Extremity Sports Injuries, Michael T. Busch, MD

VI. Lower Limb Problems

38. Leg Length Discrepancy, Colin F. Moseley, MD, CM, Noelle Cassidy, MB, and Robert M. Bernstein, MD

39. Leg Aches, Richard E. McCarthy, MD

40. Limping, Jon R. Davids, MD

41. Intoeing and Out-toeing, Lynn T. Staheli, MD

42. Bowleg and Knock-knees, Peter M. Stevens, MD

VII. Foot and Ankle Problems

43. Foot Pain, Matthew B. Dobbs, MD

44. Bunions, Matthew B. Dobbs, MD

45. Toe Deformities, David A. Spiegel, MD, and Peter L .Meehan, MD

46. Nail Puncture
David A. Spiegel, MD

47. Metatarsus Adductus, Frederick R. Dietz, MD

48. Clubfoot, Frederick R. Dietz, MD

49. Flatfoot, Vincent S. Mosca, MD

50. Cavus Foot, Vincent S. Mosca, MD

51. Toe Walking, Jose Fernando De La Garza, MD

VIII. Knee and Tibia Problems

52. Knee Pain, Carl L. Stanitski, MD

53. Patellofemoral Disorders, Robert E. Eilert, MD

54. Congenital Hyperextension of the Knee, N. M. P. Clarke, ChM, FRCS

55. Tibial Bowing, Edilson Forlin, MD, MSc, PhD

56. Congenital Pseudoarthrosis of the Tibia, Edilson Forlin, MD, MSc, PhD

IX. Hip Problems

57. Hip Pain, John Charles Hyndman, MD

58. Transient Synovitis, John Charles Hyndman, MD

59. Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip, Blaise A. Nemeth, MD, and Kenneth Noonan, MD

60. Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease, J. A. Herring, MD

61. Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis, Randall T. Loder, MD

X. Spine and Neck Problems

62. Back Pain, B. Stephens Richards, MD

63. Idiopathic Scoliosis, Kit M. Song, MD

64. Kyphosis and Lordosis, Paul Connolly, MD, and Stuart L. Weinstein, MD

XI. Shoulder Problems

65. Torticollis, Peter Pizzutillo, MD

66. Neonatal Brachial Plexus Palsy, Marybeth Ezaki, MD

67. Neck and Shoulder Deformities, Stephen Treadwell, MD

XII. Upper Limb Problems

68. Upper Limb Pain, Charles Douglas Wallace, MD

69. Congenital Hand Deformities, Peter M. Waters, MD, and Donald Bae, MD

70. Acquired Hand Problems, Terri Birdwell, MD, FRACS, and Marybeth Ezaki, MD

71. Hand Infections, Charles Douglas Wallace, MD

XIII. Arthritis

72. Arthritis, David D. Sherry, MD

XIV. Tumors

73. Initial Evaluation of Musculoskeletal Tumors in Children, Ernest U. Conrad III, MD

74. Bone Tumors, John P. Dormans, MD

75. Soft Tissue Tumors, Mark C. Gebhardt, MD

XV. Infections

76. Osteomyelitis, Walter B. Greene, MD

77. Septic Arthritis, Scott J. Luhmann, MD, and Perry L. Schoenecker, MD

78. Atypical Infections, Dalia Sepúlveda, MD

XVI. Neuromuscular Disorders

79. Cerebal Pasly, H. Kerr Graham MD, FRCS (Ed), FRACS

80. Spina Bifida, Selim Yalçýn, MD, and Nadire Berker, MD

81. Muscular Dystrophy, Michael Sussman, MD

82. Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, George H. Thompson, MD

83. Poliomyelitis, Hugh G. Watts, MD

XVII. Limb Deficiency

84. Limb Deficiency, John E. Herzenberg, MD, FRCSC, and Dror Paley, MD, FRCSC

XVIII. Miscellaneous Disorders

85. Syndrome Evaluation, William G. Mackenzie, MD

86. Short Stature Evaluation, Michael J. Goldberg, MD

87. Osteochondrodysplasia, Mohammad Diab, MD

88. Neurofibromatosis
Alvin H. Crawford , MD, FACS, and Elizabeth K. Schorry, MD

89. Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Paul O. Sponseller, MD

90. Rickets and Metabolic Disorder, James Aronson, MD, and Elizabeth A. Aronson, APN, MNSc

91. Hematologic Disorders, Ryan Goodwin, MD
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