Mechanical Ventilation,
Edition 2
By Neil R. MacIntyre, MD and Richard D. Branson, MSc, RRT

Publication Date: 29 Jan 2008
With cutting-edge and clinically relevant information, MECHANICAL VENTILATION, 2nd Edition takes a practical, clinical approach to the principles and practice of mechanical ventilation. This informative resource explains mechanical ventilation decisions and procedures in real-world terms so information is easy to understand and apply. This thoroughly updated edition includes one new chapter, four completely updated chapters, and a wealth of new user-friendly features.

Key Features

  • Detailed, clinically focused coverage of the application of mechanical ventilation to the most common respiratory diseases, provides practical answers to real life problems.
  • UNIQUE! Sections of chapters on Special Techniques and Future Therapies include information on the newest techniques for treating patients in respiratory distress.
  • A separate appendix of case studies helps you apply what you’ve learned to realistic situations.
  • Well-known and respected authors, Neil MacIntyre and Rich Branson, share their vast expertise and accurate, cutting-edge information.

New Features

  • Chapter Objectives, Key Point Summaries, and Assessment Questions reinforce basic concepts from each chapter.
  • New chapter on Unique Patient Populations highlights the mechanical ventilation issues of traumatic brain injury, neuromuscular disease, lung transplantation, burn injury, and perioperative patient populations.
  • Expanded glossary includes relevant terminology and key terms to help you easily find unfamiliar terminology.
About the author
By Neil R. MacIntyre, MD, Professor of Medicine, Medical Director of Respiratory Care, Clinical Chief of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC; Richard D. Branson, MSc, RRT, Associate Professor of Surgery, Adjunct Faculty, College of Pharmacy, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio and Adjunct Faculty, School of Aerospace Medicine, United States Air Force
Table of Contents
Section I: Technical Aspects

1. Classification of Mechanical Ventilators

2. Modes of Ventilator Operation

3. The Patient-Ventilator Interface: Ventilator Circuit, Airway Care, and Suctioning

4. Humidification and Aerosol Therapy

5. Ventilator Monitors and Displays

Section II: Physiology

6. Respiratory System Mechanics

7. Alveolar-Capillary Gas Transport

8. Patient-Ventilator Interactions

9. Cardiopulmonary Interactions

10. Ventilator Induced Lung Injury

Section III: Adjunctive Therapy

11. Nutrition

12. Sedation, Analgesia, and Neuromuscular Blockade

13. Patient Positioning

14. Ventilator Associated Pneumonia

Section IV: Clinical Applications

15. Management of Parenchymal Lung Injury

16. Management of Obstructive Airway Disease

17. Unique Patient Populations NEW!

18. Discontinuing Mechanical Support

19. Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation

20. Transport and Resuscitation

21. Non-invasive Ventilation

Section V: Special Techniques and Future Therapies

22. Modifications on Conventional Ventilation Techniques

23. High-Frequency Ventilation

24. Extracorporeal Techniques for Cardiopulmonary Support

25. Heliox and Inhaled Nitric Oxide


Case Studies

Assessment Question Answers

Book Reviews
The second edition of Mechanical Ventilation is an excellent introductory text for students of critical care, particularly respiratory therapists, critical care nurses who wish to expand their understanding of mechanical ventilation, and the busy academic provider who needs a quick reference on the fundamentals of mechanical ventilation for board review or from which to generate core teaching materials for trainees. Its greatest strengths are its choice of material, its figures and tables, and its concise, understandable reviews of complex technical aspects of mechanical ventilation, pulmonary physiology, and the potentially confusing literature on clinical applications. This book will become part of our core reading for residency training, and I highly recommended it.

Respiratory Care – February 2009
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ISBN: 9781416031413
Page Count: 528
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