Ethics and Law in Dental Hygiene,
Edition 3
By Phyllis L. Beemsterboer, RDH, MS, EdD

Publication Date: 03 Mar 2016

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the ethical and legal issues in dental practice and learn professional, practical ways to handle them with Ethics and Law in Dental Hygiene, 3rd Edition. Written by expert author, speaker, and educator Phyllis Beemsterboer, the new edition of this trusted reference uses real-world situations liberally to clarify key concepts and incorporates timely content on alternative workforce models, the Affordable Care Act, professionalism, and more. Additional case studies and "testlets" provide you with with opportunities for application and critical thinking and help prepare you for success on the NBDHE.

Key Features

  • Dental hygiene-focused coverage highlights need-to-know concepts and information.
  • Content organization with separate sections on ethics, law, and the application of both builds a logical and solid foundation for practical application. 
  • Real-world relevance helps you confidently manage the realities of clinical practice.
  • Case applications explore the types of ethical and legal dilemmas dental hygienists commonly encounter.
  • Key vocabulary defines terms that may be complex and new.

New Features

  • NEW! Updated coverage addresses timely issues such as alternative workforce models, the Affordable Care Act, professionalism, and more.
  • NEW! Expanded art program visually supports key content.
  • NEW! Expanded case studies help you put material into practice with realistic scenarios.
  • NEW! Additional testlets double the amount of board preparation material.
About the author
By Phyllis L. Beemsterboer, RDH, MS, EdD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Periodontology, School of Dentistry, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, OR
Table of Contents
Section I — Ethics
1. Ethics and Professionalism
2. Ethical Theory and Philosophy
3. Ethical Principles and Values
4. Social Responsibility
5. Codes of Ethics
Appendix 5-1: American Dental Hygienists’ Association Code of Ethics for Dental Hygienists
6. Ethical Decision Making in Dental Hygiene and Dentistry
Section II — Law
7. Society and the State Dental Practice Act
8. Dental Hygienist–Patient Relationship
9. Dental Hygienist–Dentist-Employer Relationship
10. Risk Management
Section III — Simulations and Applications
Case Studies, Activities, and Testlets
Appendix A: American Dental Association Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct
Bibliography and Suggested Readings
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Page Count: 216
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