Warping & Morphing of Graphical Objects,
Edition 1
By Jonas Gomes, Lucia Darsa, Bruno Costa and Luiz Velho

Publication Date: 01 Jul 1998

Warping and morphing permeate the realm of computer graphics. This classic book defines the field: it presents a unifying view of warping and morphing, combining a conceptual framework with a consolidated view of the state of the art. Coverage includes deformations of various graphical objects such as plane curves, images, surfaces, and volumes.

The authors developed a full-featured warping and morphing system, Morphos, where several types of graphical objects and computation techniques coexist. Morphos is included on the companion CD-ROM.This book and CD-ROM offer the most comprehensive professional reference available on warping and morphing techniques. Together they are the complete source for both researchers whose main interests are in the mathematical and conceptual foundations and computer graphics professionals who need to incorporate more warping and morphing techniques into their applications.

Key Features

* The latest warping and morphing techniques and examples* An entire chapter on image-based rendering techniques and how they relate to warping and morphing* Companion CD-ROM containing source code and documentation for the Morphos system* Links to www.visgraf.impa.br/morph/, which provides an online bibliography and pointers to other regularly updated morphing Web sites
About the author
By Jonas Gomes, Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada (IMPA), Brazil; Lucia Darsa; Bruno Costa and Luiz Velho, Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada (IMPA), Brazil
Table of Contents
Warping & Morphing of Graphical Objects, by Jonas Gomes, Lucia Darsa, Bruno Costa, and Luiz Velho

1 Basic Concepts



    Uses of Shape Transformations

    Metamorphosis and Computer Graphics

    Conceptual Framework

    Paradigm of the Universes

    Structure of the Book

    Comments and References

2 Graphical Objects
    The Concept of a Graphical Object

    Examples of Graphical Objects

    Comments and References

3 Transformation of Graphical Objects
    Transformations of the Space

    Transforming Graphical Objects

    Classes of Transformations

    Linear Transformations

    Affine Transformations

    Bilinear Interpolation

    Projective Space and Transformations

    Coons Patch Transformations

    Conformal Transformations

    Families of Transformation

    Comments and References

4 Warping and Morphing
    Basic Definitions and Examples

    Metamorphosis and Topology Type

    Plane and Spatial Warping

    Metamorphosis and Interpolation

    Different Views of Warping and Morphing

    Optimal Morphing

    Morphing = Geometry Alignment + Blending

    Comments and References

5 Domain and Range Morphing
    Procedural Modeling and Metamorphosis

    Domain Transformations: Warping

    Range Transformations

    Comments and References

6 Image Mapping
    Warping and Image Mapping

    Image Mapping Techniques

    Some Applications of Image Mapping

    Comments and References

7 Graphical Objects
    Introduction to Part II

    Computational Pipeline of Graphical Objects

    Comments and References

8 Description of Graphical Objects
    Implicit Shape Description

    Parametric Shape Description

    Algorithmic Shape Description

    Piecewise Shape Description

    Comments and References

9 Representation of Graphical Objects
    Object Representation

    Shape Representation

    Function Representation

    Representation and Level of Detail

    Blending and Representation Compatibility

    Comments and References

10 Reconstruction of Graphical Objects
    Reconstruction and Interpolation

    Representation and Reconstruction

    Function Reconstruction

    Shape Reconstruction

    Sampling, Reconstruction, and Aliasing


    Comments and References

11 Transformations of Graphical Objects
    Introduction to Part III

    Computational Pipeline of Transformations

    Description of Transformations

    Representation of Transformations

    Representation and Reconstruction

    Comments and References

12 Specification of Transformations
    The Specification Problem

    Parametric Specification

    Algorithmic Specification

    Specification by Parts

    Specification and User Interface

    Comments and References

13 Computation of Transformations
    Forward and Inverse Computation

    Multiple-Pass Warping

    Scheduled Computation

    Comments and References

14 Warping and Morphing Techniques
    Parameter-Based Techniques

    Feature-Based Techniques

    Free-Form Techniques

    Hybrid Techniques

    Algorithmic Techniques

    Morphing Techniques

    Comments and References

15 A Tour of Warping and Morphing
    Introduction to Part IV

    Classes of Graphical Objects

    Warping and Morphing of Sound

    Warping and Morphing Techniques and Representation

    Comments and References

16 Image-Based Rendering
    Image-Based Rendering Pipeline

    Morphing and Image-Based Rendering

    Case Study: A Tour into the Picture

    Scene Sampling


    Virtual Panoramas

    Image-Based Navigation

    Hybrid Rendering Pipelines

    Comments and References

17 Warping and Morphing of Plane Curves
    Planar Curves and Regions

    Attributes of Plane Curves

    Representation and Reconstruction

    Metamorphosis of Planar Curves

    Specification Techniques

    Metamorphosis Techniques

    Warping by Normal Evolution

    Metamorphosis by Guided Warping

    Comments and References

18 Warping and Morphing of Images

    Description and Representation

    Image Warping and Morphing: A Brief Overview

    Warping and Morphing Techniques

    Image Combination

    Scheduled Image Morphing

    Real-Time Warping Using Texture Mapping

    Comments and References

19 Warping and Morphing of Surfaces
    Preliminary Definitions

    Warping Specification

    Warping by Parametric Specification

    Warping by Change of Coordinates

    Warping Using Point Specification

    Surface Metamorphosis

    Comments and References

20 Warping and Morphing of Volumetric Objects
    Volumetric Objects

    Warping Techniques

    Warping Computation

    Blending Techniques

    Warping, Morphing, and Cross-Dissolve

    Jump Discontinuity and Regularization

    A Brief Survey of Volumetric Morphing

    Comments and References

21 The Morphos System
    System's Characteristics

    System's Architecture

    Kerner Level

    Support Level

    Platform Level

    The System


    Comments and References
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