Readings in Information Visualization,
Edition 1 Using Vision to Think
Edited by Stuart K. Card, Jock Mackinlay and Ben Shneiderman, Ph.D., SUNY at Stony Brook

Publication Date: 25 Jan 1999

This groundbreaking book defines the emerging field of information visualization and offers the first-ever collection of the classic papers of the discipline, with introductions and analytical discussions of each topic and paper. The authors' intention is to present papers that focus on the use of visualization to discover relationships, using interactive graphics to amplify thought. This book is intended for research professionals in academia and industry; new graduate students and professors who want to begin work in this burgeoning field; professionals involved in financial data analysis, statistics, and information design; scientific data managers; and professionals involved in medical, bioinformatics, and other areas.

Key Features

* Full-color reproduction throughout
* Author power team - an exciting and timely collaboration between the field's pioneering, most-respected names
* The only book on Information Visualization with the depth necessary for use as a text or as a reference for the information professional
* Text includes the classic source papers as well as a collection of cutting edge work
About the author
Edited by Stuart K. Card; Jock Mackinlay and Ben Shneiderman, Ph.D., SUNY at Stony Brook, Department of Computer Science and Founding Director of the HCI Lab, University of Maryland
Table of Contents

1. Information Visualization

2. Space

Physical Data

Visualization-Expanding Scientific and Engineering Research Opportunities by T. A. DeFanti, M. D. Brown, B. H.McCormick.

1D, 2D, 3D

Graphics and Graphic Information Processing by J. Bertin

Automating the Design of Graphical Presentations of Relational Information by J. Mackinlay

Information Animation Applications in the Capital Markets by W. Wright

Multiple Dimensions >3

World within Worlds: Metaphors for Exploring n-Dimensional Virtual Worlds by S. Feiner and C. Beshers

Multidimensional Detective by A. Inselberg

Visualizing Multivariate Functions, Data, and Distributions by T. Mihalisin, J. Timlin, & J. Schwegler

VisDB: Database Exploration Using Multidimensional Visualization by D. A. Keim and H.-P. Kriegel

InfoCrystal: A Visual Tool for Information Retrieval by A. Spoerri


Treemaps: a Space-Filing Approach to the Visualization of Hierarchical Information Structure by B. Johnson & B. Shneiderman

Space-filing Software Visualization by M. J. Baker & S. G. Eick

TennisViewer: A Browser for Competition Trees by L. Jin and D. C. Banks


SemNet: Three-Dimensional Graphic Representations of Large Knowledg Bases by K. Fairchild, S. E. Poltrock, G. W. Furnas

Navigating Large Networks with Hierarchies by S. G. Eick and G. J. Wills

Visualizing Network Data by R. A. Becker, S. G. Eick, A. R. Wilks

3. Interaction

Dynamic Queries

Dynamic Queries for Visual Information Seeking by B. Shneiderman

Visual Information Seeking: Tight Coupling of Dynamic Query Filters with Starfield Displays by C. Ahlberg and B. Shneiderman

Data Visualization Sliders by S. G. Eick

Enhanced Dynamic Queries via Movable Filters by K. Fishkin, M. C. Stone

Interactive Analysis

SDM: Selective Dynamic Manipulation of Visualizations by M. Chuah, S. Roth, J. Mattis, J. Kolojejchick

Externalizing Abstract Mathematical Models by L. Tweedie, R. Spence, H. Dawkes, and H. Su.

Overview + Detail

LifeLines: Visualizing Personal Histories by C. Plaisant, B. Milash, A. Rose, W. Widoff, B. Shneiderman

Browsing Hierarchical Data with Multi-Level Dynamic Queries and Pruning by H. P. Kumar, C. Plaisant, B. Shneiderman

4. Focus + Context

Fisheye Views

The FISHEYE View: A new Look at Structured Files by G. Furnas

Bifocal Lens

Database navigation: An Office Environment for the Professional by R. Spence and M. Apperley

Distorted Views

The Table Lens: Merging Graphical and Symbolic Representations in an Interactive Focus + Context Visualization for TabularInformation by R. Rao and S. K. Card

A Review and Taxonomy of Distortion Oriented Presentation Techniques by Y. K. Leung and M. D. Apperley

Extending Distortion Viewing from 2D to 3D by M. Sheelagh, T. Carpendale, D. J. Cowperthwaite, F. David Fracchia

Alternate Geometry

The Hyperbolic Browser: A Focus + Context Technique for Visualizing Large Hierarchies by J. Lamping and R. Rao

5. Data Mapping: Text

Text in 1D

Automatic Analysis, Theme Generation, and Summarization of Machine-Readable Texts by G. Salton, J. Allan, C. Buckley, A. Singhal

Seesoft-A Tool for Visualizing Line Oriented Software Statistics by S. G. Eick, J. L. Steffen, E. E. Sumner, Jr.

Text in 2D

Visualization for the Document Space by X. Lin

Text in 3D

Visualizing the Non-Visual: Spatial Analysis and Interaction with Information from Text Documents by J. A. Wise, J. Thomas, K. Pennock, D. Lantrip, M. Pottier, A. Schur

Text in 3D + Time

Galaxy of News by E. Rennison

6. Higher-Level Visualization


Measuring the Web by T. Bray

Visualizing Cyberspace: Information Visualization in the Harmony Internet Browser by K. Andrews

Narcissus: Visualizing Information by R. J. Hendley, N. S. Drew, A. M. Wood, and R. Beale


The Information Visualizer: An Information Workspace by G. R. Robertson, S. K. Card, J. M. Mackinlay

Pad++: A Zooming Graphical Interface for Exploring Alternative Interface Physics by B. B. Bederson and J. D. Hollan

The WebBook and the Web Forager: An Information Workspace for the World-Wide Web by S. K. Card, G. G. Robertson, and W. York

The STARLIGHT Information Visualization System by J. S. Risch, D. B. Rex, S. T. Dowson, T. B. Walters, R. A. May, B. D. Moon

Visual Objects

The Document Lens by G. Robertson and J. Mackinlay

User Controlled Overviews of an Image Library: A Case Study of theVisible Human by C. North, B. Shneiderman, C. Plaisant

7. Using Vision to Think

The Cost-of-Knowledge Characteristic Function: Display Evaluation for Direct-Walk Dynamic Information Visualizations by S. K. Card, P. Pirolli, and J. D. Mackinlay

Effective View Navigation by G. W. Furnas

Table Lens as a Tool for Making Sense of Data by P. Pirolli and R. Rao

Characterizing Interactive Externalizations by L. Tweedie

8. Applications and Innovations

9. Conclusion


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