An Introduction to Writing for Health Professionals: The SMART Way,
Edition 4 The SMART Way
By Glennis Zilm, RN (Ret), BSN, BJ, MA, LittD (H) and Beth Perry, RN, PhD

Publication Date: 26 Nov 2019

Learn to become a better writer the SMART way. An Introduction to Writing for Health Professionals: The SMART Way, 4th Edition explores quick-and-easy methods to help you improve your writing skills. Thoroughly updated to reflect APA style guidelines, the fourth edition illustrates various forms of common written communication, such as email, instant messaging, blogs, letters, memos, reports, resumés, briefs, articles, presentations, research papers, and more. You are introduced to the essential elements of writing using the SMART approach - Source, Message, Audience, Route, and Tone, as well as steps to use when crafting academic papers (PROCESS), and key takeaways for becoming a better writer (LAST). These acronyms provide quick-and-easy ways to help you get started and organize your writings. It also includes handy quick reference lists and free additional resources on the companion Evolve website.

Key Features

  • UNIQUE! SMART, PROCESS, and LAST acronyms help facilitate learning by making the material easier to remember.
  • Clear and straightforward writing style provides a reader-friendly approach to writing for learners of all levels.
  • Common Error sections and Exercises featured throughout to reinforce content.
  • APA style examples throughout text include those most commonly used in the health professions.

New Features

  • NEW! Expanded coverage of research, digital literacy, communication on social media, and electronic mediums reflects advances in online culture.
  • NEW! Fully revised SMART Ways for Other Routes chapter includes principles of documentation and charting, electronic communication (including email, instant messaging, social networking, and blogs), curriculum vitae, and dissertations.
  • NEW! Points to Remember section at the end of each chapter (formerly SUMMARY) highlights key information using bullet points.
About the author
By Glennis Zilm, RN (Ret), BSN, BJ, MA, LittD (H), Freelance writer, editor, and consultant Honorary Professor, University of British Columbia, School of Nursing and Beth Perry, RN, PhD, Professor Athabasca University
Table of Contents

1. SMART Elements of Communication
2. Writing PROCESS
3. Citations, References, and Bibliographies
4. Common Errors in Writing
5. SMART Ways for Specific Routes
6. Last Words on SMART Communications

Appendix A: Sample Student Paper

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