Telecommunications Demystified,
Edition 1
By Carl R. Nassar

Publication Date: 01 Feb 2001
Telecommunications Demystified provides details of developments in telecommunications, and their underlying theory, are thoroughly examined in this sweeping tutorial. The book first builds a strong mathematical foundation, introduces the basic concepts of analogue and digital telecommunications, and then develops more complex topics such as source and channel coding, baseband and carrier modulation, estimation and synchronization, multiple access schemes, and trellis-coded modulation. Includes several MATLAB® tutorials that permit readers to model various telecommunications systems.

Key Features

  • Balances a solid theoretical treatment of subjects with practical applications and examples
  • Covers both digital and analogue telecommunications systems, including digital modulation techniques
  • The accompanying material includes MATLAB® tutorials that permit readers to model various telecommunications systems and an electronic version of the book
About the author
By Carl R. Nassar
Table of Contents
Preface;INTRODUCING TELECOMMUNICATIONS: communications systems; telecommunications systems; analog and digital communications systems; TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORKS: communication channels; data communications; mobile communications; local area networks (LANs); REVIEW OF MATH, STATS, AND SYSTEMS: random variables; random processes; signals and systems; SOURCE CODING AND DECODING: sampling; quantization; pulse code modulation; predictive coding; MODULATORS AND DEMODULATORS: modulators; mathematical representation of modulated signals; demodulators; performance measures; BLOCK CODING AND DECODING: block coding; linear block codes; performance of block coders; decoding; CONVOLUTIONAL CODING AND DECODING: convolutional coders; trellis diagrams; the Viterbi algorithm; catastrophic codes; TRELLIS-CODED MODULATION: inputs; decoder front ends; decoder; best path determination; CHANNEL FILTERING AND EQUALIZERS: modulators and pulse shaping; receivers; linear equalizers; ESTIMATION AND SYNCHRONIZATION: estimation; evaluation of channel phase; practical channel estimators; MULTIPLE ACCESS SCHEMES: TDMA; FDMA; CDMA; FH-CDMA; MC-CDMA; CIMA; ANALOG COMMUNICATIONS: amplitude modulation; frequency modulation; superheterodyne receivers; Index
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ISBN: 9781878707550
Page Count: 376
Retail Price : £64.99
Professional engineers who need a quick introduction to the latest developments in telecommunications theory as well as engineering students.