Relaxation & Exercise for Childbearing,
Edition 1
By Eileen Brayshaw, MSc, MCSP, SRP, FETC and Pauline Wright

Publication Date: 09 May 1996
This book is for pregnant women and their partners and covers all the physical preparation necessary for all three aspects of childbirth - pregnancy, labour/birth and postnatal.
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By Eileen Brayshaw, MSc, MCSP, SRP, FETC, Clinical Associate, Huddersfield University, Clinical Specialist and Postgraduate Physiotherapy Tutor in Women's Health and Pauline Wright, Obstetric Physiotherapist, UK
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Eileen Brayshaw and Pauline Wright are both obstetric physiotherapists with many years experience in the teaching of exercise in preparation for parenthood to physiotherapists, midwives and health visitors. Eileen is Superintendant Physiotherapist at St. James's University Hospital, Leeds. Pauline was formerly Superintendant Physiotherapist for South Birmingham Women's Health Unit.