Textbook of Endodontics,
Edition 1
By Anil Kohli

Publication Date: 10 Aug 2009
Textbook of Endodontics is a comprehensive text on current practice, trends and philosophy in the art and science of endodontics. The book has been specifically written keeping the curriculum needs of a final year undergraduate student in mind, and is strictly as per the Dental Council of India (DCI) guidelines.

Key Features

• Covers basic concepts and techniques of endodontics exhaustively

• Includes chapters on Microbiology in Endodontics, Isolation and Infection Control in Endodontics, Pathobiology of Apical Periodontitis, Obturation of Root Canal System, Pulpotomy and Apexification, Endodontic Microsurgery, Endodontic Emergencies, Lasers in Endodontics, Microscopes in Endodontics and many more

• Truly international standard textbook with the right blend of national and international contributors

• International contributors' list includes top 5 academicians, who have already contributed in well-established books like Pathways of the Pulp (Cohen), Textbook of Endodontics (Ingle), etc.

• Chapter on “Problem Solving in Endodontic Access Openings, Cleaning, Shaping, and Root Canal Obturation¿ contributed by James L Gutmann, author of the famous book Problem Solving in Endodontics

• Includes more than 600 original colour photographs, radiographs, histologic slides, flowcharts and line illustrations

• Provides numerous case reports for better understanding of the clinical procedures

• A must for Undergraduate dental students but also useful for Postgraduate students and general practitioners

About the author
By Anil Kohli
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ISBN: 9788131221815
Page Count: 454
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