Practicals and Viva in Medical Microbiology, 2/e,
Edition 2
By V S Randhawa

Publication Date: 15 Oct 2009

The present edition is a thoroughly revised, expanded and updated, student-friendly book with four new chapters and many new large-sized illustrations. The book follows the syllabus recommended by the Medical Council of India. The text is presented in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.


Key Features

  • Problem-based approach, each problem solved in a systematic and clear-cut manner.
  • Highlights purpose of each exercise and explains recording and interpretation of results.
  • Each exercise followed by related viva-voce questions and their answers.
  • Separate section devoted to viva spots, consisting of numerous high quality colour pictures of slides of microorganisms and microbiological techniques, including biochemical reactions, plating, cultures, etc. and crucial equipment.
  • The viva spots are carefully selected to facilitate understanding of the students and sharpen their skill of identification of media, equipment, tests, microorganisms/parasites (macroscopic & microscopic) and vectors. Each spot is accompanied by a list of its salient features.
  • New chapters of clinical importance, namely, Hand Hygiene, Standard Precautions (Universal Precautions) and Biomedical Waste Management, and Dot Blot Test.
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By V S Randhawa
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