Viva Voce in Anatomy,
Edition 3
By S D Gangane

Publication Date: 20 Nov 2010

The book is a brief presentation of the questions and answers predominantly asked by an undergraduate medical student in the viva voce examination of Anatomy. It deals with all the aspects of Anatomy including general anatomy, histology, embryology, and living anatomy and radiology.

Key Features

  • Provides rapid revision of the subject just before the practical examination
  • Helps students to understand basic concepts and practical aspects in a short period of time
  • Difficult to remember facts presented in a tabular format
  • Separate sections on histology and embryology are just optimum for a typical viva voce examination

New to the Third Edition

  • Must-know questions highlighted in all the chapters
  • New chapter on Radiological Anatomy and Imaging
  • More questions and answers added in existing chapters
About the author
By S D Gangane
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ISBN: 9788131227060
Page Count: 374
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