Clinical Paediatrics,
Edition 2
By N. C. Joshi

Publication Date: 15 Jan 2012

The second edition of this book provides an opportunity to take into account the changes in the pattern of postgraduate clinical examination from totally subjective to partially objective assessment format in the national board exams. This edition is also an all-inclusive teaching package as the first edition. It has evolved to assimilate the basics of pediatrics with clinical science. The essential information is wrapped up in an efficient format designed to facilitate retention and reproduction of knowledge during practical examination.

Key Features

Each chapter of this book brings into focus an organ system and is divided into three parts:

Part I focuses on disease mechanism, genesis of symptomatology, proper clinical examination methods, and diagnostic studies.

Part II includes common clinical cases to show how pediatric concepts may be tested for diagnostic thinking and expressing it competently to the examiner along with the investigative and management strategies.

Part III develops basic skills in image and data interpretation, important emergencies, drugs and procedures.

In this new edition, all chapters have been revised and updated. Chapters "Getting Started" and "Putting It All Together" have been thoroughly revised. In chapter "Remaining Clinical Essentials", Genetics have been expanded while Biostatistics, Skin, and Counseling have been welcome additions. This chapter is constructed in question-and-answer format to gear up students for Viva Voce or OSCE part of the examination.

This book with all the above-mentioned features will be extremely useful not only for pediatrics postgraduates but also to interns, junior residents, and practising physicians and pediatricians.

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By N. C. Joshi
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