Concise Text Book for Pediatric Nursing,
Edition 2
By Assuma Beevi

Publication Date: 08 Mar 2019

Concise Textbook of Pediatric Nursing is a revised and thoroughly updated edition of Elsevier’s previous offering, Textbook of Pediatric Nursing. The book, written in accordance with the INC syllabus, is targeted at undergraduates and is designed to help students develop an understanding of the modern approach to childcare, identification, prevention and nursing management of common health problems of neonates and children. The book is aimed to enhance the capabilities of a nurse in nurturing a child. Not only that, the study questions given at the end of each chapter will allow the student to self-evaluate their understanding of the topic.

Key Features

• Written in accordance with the updated INC syllabus
• Up-to-date statistical data provided by the author
• Easily understandable language covering content comprehensively
• Study questions provided at the end of every chapter
• Detailed nursing interventions provided for various procedures
About the author
By Assuma Beevi
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ISBN: 9788131231043
Page Count: 580
Retail Price : £25.43