Craig's Restorative Dental Materials,
Edition 1
By Ronald L. Sakaguchi, DDS, PhD, MS, MBA and John M. Powers, PhD

Publication Date: 11 Jan 2013

Key Features

    • Problems and Solutions at the end of each chapter test your ability to apply chapter concepts to solve common clinical challenges.
    • Mind Maps on the companion Evolve website condense essential chapter content into single-page overviews ideal for quick reference, study outlines, or comprehensive reviews.
    • Comprehensive coverage reflects fundamental concepts and the latest practical knowledge all in one authoritative source.
    • Appendix of useful resource materials provides quick, convenient access to Weights and Measurements, Conversion Tables, and Comparative Table of Troy, Avoirdupois, and Metric Weights.
    • Content updates and links on Evolve keep you current with the latest developments in the field.

    About the author
    By Ronald L. Sakaguchi, DDS, PhD, MS, MBA, Associate Dean for Technology and Innovation Professor, Biomaterials & Biomechanics Department of Restorative Dentistry Oregon Health & Science University Portland, OR, USA; John M. Powers, PhD, Senior Vice President and Editor, The Dental Advisor, Dental Consultants, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan and Professor of Oral Biomaterials, Department of Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterials, University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston, Houston, Texas
    Table of Contents

    1. Role and Significance of Restorative Dental Materials

    2. The Oral Environment

    3. Principles of Design with Restorative Dental Materials

    4. Fundamentals of Materials Science

    5. Testing of Dental Materials

    6. Biocompatibility and Tissue Reaction to Biomaterials

    7. General Classes of Biomaterials

    8. Preventative and Intermediary Materials

    9. Restorative Materials-composites and polymers

    10. Restorative Materials-metals

    11. Restorative Materials-ceramics

    12. Impressions, Casts, and Investments

    13. Materials for Adhesion and Luting

    14. Digital Imaging and Processing for Restorations

    15. Dental and Orofacial Implants

    16. Tissue Engineering

    Appendix A: Weights and Measures

    Appendix B: Mind Maps (on Evolve)

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    ISBN: 9788131232705
    Page Count: 417
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